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Manage unexpected costs

Many South Africans struggle with their finances, not to mention additional unexpected costs. Some may remember a TV advertisement that aired some years ago that showed a month that lasted longer than the person’s money.

When the Month Lasts Longer than the Money

The ad showed a favourite South African biscuit. At the beginning of the month, the person in the ad ate the biscuit loaded with tasty toppings. By mid-month, there wasn’t much in the house to put on top of the biscuit, and by month-end, just before payday, they only had a little butter spread on top or they simply ate the biscuit as is – dry.

Static Salaries

However, these days, snacks are a treat and a luxury, if there’s not enough income in the household. Things like rent, transport costs, school fees, books and uniforms, clothing accounts, water and electricity, and even basic needs such as food and groceries are expensive, while salaries mostly stay the same.

Papillon’s Part-Time or Full-Time Income

There’s good news if you need to earn more to pay your regular expenses, as well as some luxuries and extras for yourself and your family. More and more South African women and men are discovering the Papillon solution to earning an extra income as a part-time or, if unemployed, a full-time Papillon perfume supplier.

True Entrepreneurs

 “Entrepreneur” is a big, trendy buzzword in today’s South Africa, especially because there’s so much unemployment, and the increasing price of petrol is also making everything else more expensive. An entrepreneur is a person who sees business opportunities and then starts working for themselves, in this case, as a supplier of Papillon’s wide range of fine perfumes.

As an entrepreneur becomes more successful, they may also create jobs and opportunities to earn a decent living for others, depending on the type of business. South Africans are known for facing difficulties, problems, and challenges head-on, and doing something about finding solutions. As a nation of self-starters, we “make a plan”.

Papillon offers you a golden opportunity to make an entrepreneurial plan – by becoming a Papillon perfume supplier. As many of our perfume distribution and supply agents have reported, their lives have changed a lot, for the better, ever since they began their perfume supply businesses. This is because Papillon gives you the tools to help you become a success, as we continue to do for our current network of entrepreneurs.

Start Now

 It’s simple, easy, and affordable to start your perfume supply business. Just follow the steps below:

  • Register as a perfume supplier by applying online.
  • Select and pay for your Starter Pack – Small R150, Medium R350, or Large R700.
  • You’re ready to roll.

Begin by selling and supplying Papillon perfumes to your family, friends, and other people you know, and ask them to tell other people about you. You’ll soon be surprised by how easy it is to earn the income you need because our perfumes are so affordable and of such high quality.


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