We are here to help you understand the products and the business we love. Your success is our success.
We are here to help you understand the products and the business we love. Your success is our success.

Frequently Asked Questions

We care about our Distributors and the financial success of their business. The Papillon business model requires no registration costs or major investment other than your tester kit and your first product order.

We have over the years developed numerous guidelines and content that will help you succeed. We offer ongoing support and continuously develop more content that will help create a productive and successful environment for our Distributors.

We encourage you to read these frequently asked questions and let us know if there is anything specific you would like more information about.

Product Related Questions

At Papillon our business model is straightforward and simple.

Our products have not been tested on animals in any way!

Please note our product warnings:
– Keep out of reach of children
– Flammable
– Keep away from heat and flame
– Do not apply to broken or irritated skin
– Discontinue use if a rash develops.
The Development, Production and Distribution of our fragrance compounds adhere to I.F.R.A. regulations. All fragrance compound suppliers are ISO 9001 registered.
GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) quality standards are followed by our perfume bottler/producer.

Our allergens contained, are list on a per product, please see Allergens listing.

Our perfumes contain superior quality imported perfume oils, is locally produced, and bottled, making it a truly affordable South African product.

The longevity of perfume depends on various factors like skin type, seasons and the perfume design / ingredients.

Less is more – your nose gets used to a scent and may then result in the over-application of perfume. 3 Sprays (pulse, pulse, neck) should be adequate.

Keep all fragrances in a cool, dry area and away from direct sunlight. An opened bottle should be kept in its box to ensure longer shelf life.
Fragrances usually last 3-5 years from the date of manufacturing if stored correctly.

At Papillon we only source the highest quality fragrance compounds, mostly also the ones with the highest cost per kg. These fragrance compounds tend to also have the highest dosage of natural (opposed to synthetic) ingredients and are more sensitive, vary per batch and more likely to react with UV and other ingredients over time (as nature intends!). Some fragrances require discolouring ingredients to smell authentic. A good example is vanilla which naturally contains vanillin. Vanillin, along with several other commonly used fragrance materials can contribute to the discoloration by taking on an amber tone as they age (F25- Mesmerized has extremely high dosages of Vanillin). The natural ambergris in our F6 – Parisian Nights results in a cloudy suspension. Chemicals can be added to resolve discoloration and cloudiness, but we try to keep our products as natural as possible and therefore refuse to do so. We have not noticed a difference in smell because of the above and it does not alter the quality of our product.

This is normal, particularly if your scent contains natural materials. It is caused by the continued settling over time. If you collect vintage perfume you will notice the resins that collect in the bottom of the bottle. Wood oils, resins, balsams and even some synthetic materials can leave sediment in a blend. Perfumes are generally filtered after four to six weeks of aging yet continue to age for years. The perfume should be fine, as long as it still smells good. It is unlikely that bacteria is growing in the alcohol, as alcohol tends to kill not promote the growth of bacteria. Same for oil perfumes. Bacteria will not grow in oil perfumes, yet they will oxidize over time.

You can only buy Papillon products from a registered Papillon Distributor near you. Simply complete the contact form and the agent will give you a call.

It is a well-known industry fact that more than 80% of the retail price of original branded products is linked to packaging, marketing, and branding.

Our customers want to wear perfume, on a daily basis, not packaging or marketing expenses. With the cost savings on our: packaging (despite the quality and pleasing aesthetics) and marketing (thanks to the power of word-of-mouth marketing and a national network of loyal distributors), we can reduce the cost of our product and price to our customers significantly. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and know that only the best perfume will result in word-of-mouth marketing and loyal repeat customers our distributors deserve.

Papillon sells its product through a marketing network, you have the opportunity to try and test the product first before you buy. There is a very good chance that you will buy the product from a distributor that is also a trusted colleague, friend, or family member! We are so confident of our product that we offer a money-back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Yes, our products are inspired by/directly equivalent fragrances of the original products, packaged under the Papillon trademark. The same fragrance corporations that design and supply fashion houses with fine fragrance compounds (perfume oil) also supply us with the compounds. Not all players in our industry however use these corporations and or they buy the cheapest inspired by version they can find (mostly synthetic). At Papillon we ignore price, our aim is to find the closest possible match by only comparing samples supplied by the best corporations we can find. All our perfumes use the maximum potential dosage (+20% perfume oil) to ensure optimal longevity.

We are so confident of our product that we are willing to offer a money-back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied. (Terms & Conditions apply)


  1. Huge Market – with potential customers from all demographics (age, sex, education level, income level and race)
  2. Excellent Value Proposition – original branded perfume have become unaffordable due to the weakening of the rand, inflation, and the increase of luxury goods tax. Our products are on average 5 times less expensive than original branded products but of comparable quality. It is important to note that this is a word-of-mouth product (the quality and value proposition, therefore, sells the product).
  3. Top-quality – we only source the highest quality compounds for all our products.
  4. Flexibility of our business model – low start-up costs: for as little as R200 (Inc. VAT and delivery, nationally only), you can:
    • Be your own boss
    • On your own time: Part-time or full-time
    • Decide how big or small you want the opportunity to be – the sky is the limit!
  5. Our products are easy to sell – anyone can be a distributor.
  6. Excellent profits – between R30 – R180 per unit depending on order volumes and the type of products ordered.
  7. Free access to personalised marketing material and designs – to promote your business
    • Flyers, business cards, banners, bunting, shirts etc. – you only pay for the printing and market material cost – not the design!
    • We are a paperless Company and therefore use Social media, WhatsApp, and Emails to communicate news and specials.
    • Our Facebook Page – – is updated regularly with posts that you can share to your personal Facebook page. WhatsApp / Email messages sent from us to you may be forwarded to your customers.
    • Our Blog Page is updated monthly with valuable info about our products and other interesting articles that will help you excel in your business.
    • We encourage the use of Social media and technology to market Papillon to your Customers, but please be advised that certain rules apply when doing so, see the applicable section here.


Papillon Distributors buy products at wholesale (volume discount) prices from Papillon and sell to their customers at recommended retail prices.

The difference between the price you pay and the price you sell the product at is your retail profit. Papillon offers recommended retail prices, but you are welcome to independently determine your own selling prices.

There are three ways to make money –

  1. Personal Profit – distributors can earn between R30 and R180 profit per unit sold directly to their customers depending on the volume and products ordered. (Learn More)
  2. Prizes – We have an Annual Boost Your Business Competition that runs from January to October each year where you could win up to R10,000 credit against your account to be spent on any Papillon products. All registered Distributors are automatically entered into the competition, all you need to do is sell. (Terms & Conditions apply)
  3. Refer and earn! Refer a friend to become a Papillon Distributor and earn R500 credit against your account. (Terms & Conditions apply)

We currently supply products to Papillon representatives in Botswana (Gaborone), Lesotho (Maseru), Zimbabwe (Harare), Eswatini (Mbabane). We collaborate orders through our authorised representatives to ensure profitable prices to these countries.

(Eswatini and Lesotho use South African Price lists.)

South Africa Agent Price List  Zimbabwe Agent Price List  Botswana Agent Price List

Easy and affordable Distributor registration

The Papillon Business Opportunity requires no registration cost or major investment, other than purchasing a Starter kit.

We have 3 starter kit options to match your needs and financial position. If you want to be a Papillon Distributor you must buy a starter kit.

Please note that the starter kits contain 5ml testers of the actual perfume products. The 5ml testers in the starter kit cannot be sold. It is a handy sales tool that will help you create orders of the Papillon products.

Three starter kit options:

The Small starter kit is R200 and includes:

20 x 5mls

(12 top selling female perfume testers + 8 top selling male perfume testers)

product catalogue
in a material bag

The Medium starter kit is R400 and includes:

40 x 5mls

(23 top selling female perfume testers and 17 top selling male perfume testers)

product catalogue
1 book of 100 smelling strips

If customers do not want to test perfume on their skin.

The Large starter kit is R800 and includes:

80 X 5ml

(complete Papillon perfume range testers)

product catalogue
50 anonymous business cards

(to promote your business & ensure that customers contact you for repeat orders)

An order / receipt book

(To keep track of your orders, payments and customers information)

1 branded pen
1 book of 100 smelling strips

(If customers do not want to test perfume on their skin)

Container with Coffee beans

(For customers to neutralize their sense of smell when testing different fragrances)

Once you have registered as a Papillon Distributor and paid for your starter kit you will receive a Distributor Portal registration link via email.

Our Distributor Portal offers:

  • Secure online ordering and payment
  • View your order history
  • Update contact and delivery info.
  • Free access to Marketing tools and Marketing images
  • You are automatically entered into the annual Boost your Business Competition. Read more about this exciting opportunity here.

Here’s a few tips on taking care of your tester kit:

  • When you are not using your kit, store it in a cool, dark place.
  • Additional kit items can be purchased if you run out.
  • When a client requests to smell a fragrance rather offer to spray it yourself onto a smelling strip and then if requested on the client. This will avoid excessive use of your tester material.
  • The best place to spray is on the inner wrists and avoid spraying on jewellery.

Remember to take your customer’s contact details so that you can keep them updated with specials and news. Take records of all orders and payments so that you can keep track of who has ordered what and who has paid.

You buy Papillon products at wholesale (volume discounted) prices and sell them to your customers for a profit. You can go about this in 2 ways.

1. Use your tester kit to collect monthly orders from your customers, order and pay for your order on our online shop, wait for your order to arrive then deliver the order to your customers.


2. Buy stock and keep stock levels so you can supply customer orders immediately. This option is great if you have an established customer base.

All orders must be placed on the online shop and you must pay for your order in full before we can dispatch it to you. Once you have placed and paid for your order via our secure online shop on our website, you will receive a confirmation of your order with your courier details and tracking number.

Product catalogue

  1. If purchasing through a distributor: The delivery date and time will be agreed upon with the distributor selling to you.
  2. If you are a distributor: We only make use of reliable and insured courier services, delivered within 1 to 4 working days to your delivery address or to a Pargo outlet closest to you. (Delivery times are subject to your location)

Delivery charges start at R75 and decrease to R0 depending on your order size. We always aim to find a solution to reduce the delivery cost for our customers and distributors, but larger order sizes (10 bottles or more) are obviously more cost-effective and more profitable for Distributors.

All registered Papillon Distributors have free access to personalised marketing material and designs – to promote their business.

  1. Marketing items like flyers, business cards, banners, bunting, shirts, etc. – you only pay for the printing and market material cost – not the design!
  2. We are a paperless Company and therefore use Social media, WhatsApp, and Emails to communicate news and specials.
  3. Our Facebook Page is updated regularly with posts that you can share to your personal Facebook page. WhatsApp / Email messages sent from us to you may be forwarded to your customers.
  4. Our Blog Page is updated monthly with valuable info about our products and other interesting articles that will help you excel in your business.
  5. We encourage the use of Social media and technology to market Papillon to your Customers, but please be advised that there are certain rules that apply when doing so, see the applicable section here.
  6. Our Marketing image page contains a library of images and logos and is updated on a regular basis. These images are specifically created for Registered Distributors to download and to use/share on their social media platforms.

Papillon encourages participation by Distributors on social media and networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. Individuals and businesses that choose to contribute on social media sites-while representing themselves in a Papillon distributor capacity- should adhere to the guidelines set out here.

Option 1: We use our printer to produce the items and courier the items to you
Email and tell us which marketing items you would like to order.
We will request a quote from our local printers and inform you of the prices.
After accepting the quote we will invoice you and we will need proof of payment before work can commence.
Productions of the promo items take 5-6 working days depending on the item and quantity.
We will deliver the items to you once completed. Courier Charges apply

Option 2: Download the appropriate artwork and get it printed at your local printer (Postnet, Jetline, Minuteman Press, etc.).

No, you may not copy images or text from our website – Papillon is a registered trademark (2013/24976 Class3) therefore, the copying or downloading of any graphics, photographs, images, messaging, text, or any other content from any Papillon Material including Papillon websites or Social media platforms are not permitted without express written permission from Papillon. This includes copying the Papillon colour palette and the Papillon corporate logo for use on Distributor marketing.

Our Marketing image page contains a library of authorised images and logos and is updated on a regular basis. These images are specifically created for Registered Distributors to download and to use/share on their social media platforms. View our marketing and branding guidelines.

We have made it easy to become a Papillon Distributor, just follow our 3-Step Process to Success.
Step 1: Complete the registration form with your personal detail and delivery information.
Step 2: Select your Tester kit.
Step 3: Pay for your tester kit using our secure online payment facility or do a manual EFT or FNB ATM Deposit. (for all manual payments please use your name and surname as reference and email your proof of payment to



The perfumer begins a perfume project with a brief by the perfumer’s employer or customer. The customers are typically fashion houses or large corporations of various industries. Each brief contains the specifications for the desired perfume and describe in abstract terms what the perfume should smell like, the target market, and what feelings and emotions it should evoke in those who smell it, along with a maximum per litre price of the perfume oil concentrate. This budget, along with the intended use of the perfume oil (i.e., fine fragrance, shampoos, detergents, etc) will determine what aromatic ingredients (and whether natural or synthetic) will be used in the perfume oil’s composition.
The perfumer will go through the process of skilfully blending raw materials (natural and synthetic) into various perfume mixtures in an attempt to match the brief. After presenting the perfume mixtures to the customers, the perfumer may or may not win the brief. They proceed to work with the customer, often with the direction provided by a panel or artistic director, which guides and edits the modifications on the composition of the perfume. This process typically spans several months to several years, going over many iterations and may involve cultural and public surveys to tailor a perfume to a particular market.  The perfume composition can either be used to enhance another product as a functional fragrance (shampoos, detergents, etc.) or marketed and sold directly to the public as a fine fragrance.

Perfume is very much like a musical composition. Fragrance notes refer to the various layers of ingredients which reveals themselves over time:

  • Top notes are the first impression, very light and last a few minutes (0-10 minutes)
  • The middle note (or heart) begins after about 10-15 minutes and lasts for about 2 hours.
  • The base note is the final and longest lasting expression of perfume and lasts for several hours.

Typically, ladies’ perfumes have more floral and men’s perfumes are more wood and citrus notes.
Please refer to the Fragrance page for an explanation on the different olfactory groups.

The nose breaths in air containing scent molecules, which are deposited in the rear of the nose and throat. Here, the receptors communicate the smell to the brain, where it is deciphered and evaluated. After evaluating the molecular content of two breaths, the brain readies itself to decipher new smells. The smell of a familiar perfume no longer has the same effect on you or your sense of smell. In addition to adapting to a specific scent, the olfactory sense may become confused. Therefore, your Papillon distributor provides you with a small container of fresh coffee beans to smell during a testing session of a variety of scents. The beans rebalance or recalibrate the olfactory function, cancelling the olfactory confusion.

Eau de Cologne
Eau de Cologne is 3 to 5 percent oil in a mixture of alcohol and water. It tends to be lighter and refreshing, typically with a citrus oil component.

Eau de Toilette
Containing about the same amount of perfume oil or a little more, somewhere between 4 and 8 percent than Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette is mixed with alcohol instead of water.

Eau de Parfum
A higher percentage of perfume oil, roughly 15 to 18 mixed with alcohol makes up Eau de Parfum. It is more expensive than Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette.

Perfume is 15 to 30 percent perfume oil mixed with alcohol. Because it contains such a high percentage of perfume oil, it is far more expensive than Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, or Eau de Parfum.
Papillon Perfume has a 20% oil to alcohol ratio! These fine oils are imported from France and Switzerland.

Oil-based perfumes are typically roll-on applicators. Oil-based means that the fragrance oil is paired with a carrier oil like Jojoba oil in a roll-on bottle. When the perfume is applied, the Jojoba or carrier oil is absorbed into your skin which leaves the fragrance on top.

Alcohol-based perfumes do not typically contain carrier oils like Jojoba. Instead, it usually contains ethanol which allows for a stronger scent than an oil-based perfume. The stronger scent is due to the projection of the alcohol evaporating around you, instead of absorbing into your skin. The alcohol also allows for people to experience different top, middle, and base notes.

Papillon Perfumes are alcohol-based and has a 20% oil to alcohol ratio.

Wear your chosen fragrance on your clothes, scarf, or handkerchief. Make sure not to spray too close to the fabric as the oils may cause stains. Please discontinue if you still experience any skin irritation.

Also, consider Perfume pendants/jewellery.

If you have acute sinus problems, please consult your doctor before using any perfume. Certain olfactory groups must be avoided like, floral, floral-fruity perfumes. If you cannot live without perfume rather try perfumes in the following olfactory groups:
Oriental Spicy, Oriental Vanilla, Chypre Fruity, Gourmand, Oriental Woody.
Spraying perfume on your back is advisable.

You need to consider your skin type, time of day, the season and the occasion when selecting a perfume. Scent is about body chemistry and skin type and the same fragrance can smell very differently on different people, even if it is the original product.  Scent is molecular but also personal and different people will react differently to the same scent as memory, childhood and various other factors play a role.  

  • Always test a new fragrance before buying. Test it directly on your skin.
  • Allow 5 – 10 minutes for a fragrance to emerge before judging it.
  • Apply your fragrance to a pulse point (wrist, neck, or behind the knees). This is where the blood vessels are closest to the skin and release the most heat.
  • Never dab or rub your wrists after applying perfume as this damage the composition.
  • A fragrance may last longer on some people than on others.
  • Dry skin will not retain a fragrance application as long as oily skin, applying perfume on moisturised skin will improve longevity.
    A layer of oil-based skin lotion (Papillon Fragranced / unfragranced Creams and Body butters) can be applied to the skin before putting on perfume.
  • Don’t wear perfume if you’re sunbathing.
  • Do not apply perfume on your clothes or any other fabric, if you must, due to skin sensitivity, make sure not spray too close to the fabric as the oils may cause stains.
  • The best time to apply perfume is right after a shower or bath when your skin pores are open.
  • Don’t use only one perfume; test various perfumes to see which ones work best during different seasons.


Papillon Pty Ltd, Registration number 1995/012994/07 was registered at the end of 2012.
The company is run by husband-and-wife duo, Yolanda and Burger Botha.
We are based in Pretoria, South Africa, but courier nationwide. We also have distribution representatives in Botswana (Gaborone), Lesotho (Maseru), Zimbabwe (Harare), Swaziland (Mbabane).

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