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Earn extra income

Papillon has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and individuals across Southern Africa and neighbouring countries to increase their business product range and turnover or helped those looking for extra income to fill their household budget shortages.

Financial independence is the largest motivator why people join as Papillon Distributors.

How does the business work?

At Papillon our business model is straightforward and simple.

There are no sales targets, complex demotion rules, or multi-level distribution/distributor structures. Papillon offers support and advice to start, develop and grow your own sustainable Papillon business.

We value our distributor relationships, and their success is important to us, therefore we offer:
• free marketing tools, images, and guidelines to help you succeed.
• We do not sell directly to the public or in any retail outlets, instead, we only supply products through our Distributor network.

Easy and affordable Distributor registration

The Papillon Business Opportunity requires no registration cost or major investment, other than purchasing a Starter kit.

We have 3 starter kit options to match your needs and financial position. If you want to be a Papillon Distributor you must buy a starter kit.

Please note that the starter kits contain 5ml testers of the actual perfume products. The 5ml testers in the starter kit cannot be sold. It is a handy sales tool that will help you create orders of the Papillon products.

Three starter kit options:

The Small starter kit is R200 and includes:

20 x 5mls

(12 top selling female perfume testers + 8 top selling male perfume testers)

product catalogue
in a material bag

The Medium starter kit is R400 and includes:

40 x 5mls

(23 top selling female perfume testers and 17 top selling male perfume testers)

product catalogue
1 book of 100 smelling strips

If customers do not want to test perfume on their skin.

The Large starter kit is R800 and includes:

80 X 5ml

(complete Papillon perfume range testers)

product catalogue
50 anonymous business cards

(to promote your business & ensure that customers contact you for repeat orders)

An order / receipt book

(To keep track of your orders, payments and customers information)

1 branded pen
1 book of 100 smelling strips

(If customers do not want to test perfume on their skin)

Container with Coffee beans

(For customers to neutralize their sense of smell when testing different fragrances)

Once you have registered as a Papillon Distributor and paid for your starter kit you will receive a Distributor Portal registration link via email.

Our Distributor Portal offers:

  • Secure online ordering and payment
  • View your order history
  • Update contact and delivery info.
  • Free access to Marketing tools and Marketing images
  • You are automatically entered into the annual Boost your Business Competition. Read more about this exciting opportunity here.

Papillon Distributors buy products at wholesale (volume discount) prices from Papillon and sell to their customers at recommended retail prices.

The difference between the price you pay and the price you sell the product at is your retail profit. Papillon offers recommended retail prices, but you are welcome to independently determine your own selling prices.

There are three ways to make money –

  1. Personal Profit – distributors can earn between R30 and R180 profit per unit sold directly to their customers depending on the volume and products ordered. (Learn More)
  2. Prizes – We have an Annual Boost Your Business Competition that runs from January to October each year where you could win up to R10,000 credit against your account to be spent on any Papillon products. All registered Distributors are automatically entered into the competition, all you need to do is sell. (Terms & Conditions apply)
  3. Refer and earn! Refer a friend to become a Papillon Distributor and earn R500 credit against your account. (Terms & Conditions apply)

We currently supply products to Papillon representatives in Botswana (Gaborone), Lesotho (Maseru), Zimbabwe (Harare), Eswatini (Mbabane). We collaborate orders through our authorised representatives to ensure profitable prices to these countries.

(Eswatini and Lesotho use South African Price lists.)

South Africa Agent Price List  Zimbabwe Agent Price List  Botswana Agent Price List


You buy Papillon products at wholesale (volume discounted) prices and sell them to your customers for a profit. You can go about this in 2 ways.

  • Use your tester kit to collect monthly orders from your customers, order and pay for your order on our online shop, wait for your order to arrive then deliver the order to your customers.


  • Buy stock and keep stock levels so you can supply customer orders immediately. This option is great if you have an established customer base.

All orders must be placed on the online shop and you must pay for your order in full before we can dispatch it to you. Once you have placed and paid for your order via our secure online shop on our website, you will receive a confirmation of your order with your courier details and tracking number.

Product Catalogue

We use Fastway couriers who will deliver to your door. In outlying areas, we use Pargo (pickup point service) to ensure your products arrive safely, and on time. Delivery takes 1 to 4 working days, depending on your location. Delivery fees apply but decreases as your invoice value increases.

  1. Huge Market – with potential customers from all demographics (age, sex, education level, income level and race)
  2. Excellent Value Proposition – original branded perfume have become unaffordable due to the weakening of the rand, inflation, and the increase of luxury goods tax. Our products are on average 5 times less expensive than original branded products but of comparable quality. It is important to note that this is a word-of-mouth product (the quality and value proposition, therefore, sells the product).
  3. Top-quality – we only source the highest quality compounds for all our products.
  4. Flexibility of our business model – low start-up costs: for as little as R200 (Inc. VAT and delivery, nationally only), you can:
    • Be your own boss
    • On your own time: Part-time or full-time
    • Decide how big or small you want the opportunity to be – the sky is the limit!
  5. Our products are easy to sell – anyone can be a distributor.
  6. Excellent profits – between R30 – R180 per unit depending on the products ordered.
  7. Free access to personalised marketing material and designs – to promote your business
    • Flyers, business cards, banners, bunting, shirts etc. – you only pay for the printing and market material cost – not the design!
    • We are a paperless Company and therefore use Social media, WhatsApp, and Emails to communicate news and specials.
    • Our Facebook Page – – is updated regularly with posts that you can share to your personal Facebook page. WhatsApp / Email messages sent from us to you may be forwarded to your customers.
    • Our Blog Page is updated monthly with valuable info about our products and other interesting articles that will help you excel in your business.
    • We encourage the use of Social media and technology to market Papillon to your Customers, but please be advised that certain rules apply when doing so, see the applicable section here.

Ready to take the next step? We have made it easy to become a Papillon Distributor.
Just follow our 3-Step Process to Success:
Step 1: Complete the registration form with your personal detail and delivery information.
Step 2: Select your Tester kit.
Step 3: Pay for your tester kit using our secure online payment facility or do a manual EFT or FNB ATM Deposit.


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