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Dynamite in small packages

You know what they say, dynamite comes in small packages. Make a statement with your perfume! The best perfumes come in small packages. Sold in a variety of sizes, perfumes are usually measured in ml which indicates the volume of fluid in the bottle.

Most people opt for bigger perfume bottles, as they feel they are getting better value for money. However, while it may seem like you’re getting more “bang for your buck” when it comes to perfume less is better. Bigger perfume bottles tend to take longer to finish and end up standing on shelves for prolonged periods of time. Half-empty bottles allow oxygen in, which results in shorter shelf life. Therefore, bigger bottles result in perfumes losing their scent and affecting their longevity.

Smaller bottles are in fact the preferred choice, as you get true value for money. You may also find that over time your preference changes and you grow fond of new scents. Smaller bottles allow you to experience the true scent of the perfume while experimenting with a variety of fragrances.

When gifting perfume, it is better to buy a smaller bottle.  Your loved ones might love how the scent smells however it may not react well with their skin. Educate yourself and your loved ones on layering scents to understand how different fragrances can affect the smell of your perfume.

If you buy a bigger bottle, we advise you to consume it quickly to ensure you get the most out of your bottle. At Papillon, we offer a variety of perfumes at affordable prices. Whether you want to experiment with a range of fragrances or use your perfume to your heart’s content, Papillon offers luxury you can afford.

Go out with a bang, buy the smaller bottle!

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