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Mix and Match experiments.

Finding a perfume that truly matches your personality or mood can be challenging. Sometimes the same fragrance can become boring or even dull. Instead of choosing only one why not layer different scents? Find fragrances you love and layer them! It can be an exciting experiment and helps you to match your scent to your mood. Feeling a little mysterious? Why not try a more musky scent. The possibilities are endless.

A few tips to keep in mind when layering your perfumes are:

  • It is important that you spray each scent before they dry so they can really infuse with one another.
  • Another tip is to start with your stronger scented perfume as you don’t want it to overpower the lighter scent.
  • How many sprays per scent? We recommend that for the stronger scent one spray and lighter scents two. Keep the 1:2 ratio in mind.
  • Factors like products you use on a daily basis can also affect your end result so be mindful of the fragrances used in your shampoo and conditioner etc.
  • Test your experiment out on paper first to avoid having to wear the scent all day. This way you can smell which scents work better together. Once you are happy spray on your skin and unleash new confidence!
  • Lastly don’t rub or dab your perfume. Spray and go. Rubbing or dabbing it can cause it to fade quicker.

With these tips, you can experiment every day and find new scents for different occasions. Unlock new fragrances and put your smell to the test. Get your friends and family involved as it is always interesting to see how different everyone’s preferences can be.

Remember to ask your Papillon agent about our product combo specials and any year-end specials to help make your layering experiment exciting!


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