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Wonderful Wholesale Perfumes for All

Wonderful Wholesale Perfumes for All

Do you become excited when you hear about a popular type of product, which is usually classified as a luxury item, being offered to members of the public and consumers at wholesale prices? Sure you do, along with everyone else who likes and appreciates the finer things in life, such as gourmet food, famous fashion footwear brands, holidays away and world-renowned perfumes. 

The trouble is this: most of these items or pastimes are just too expensive and unaffordable for most people, unless they’re offered such luxuries as discounted or special deals or at wholesale prices. Actually, we’ve probably covered just about the entire luxury-loving consumer world, so we need to be a bit more specific, especially concerning perfumes and the world of wholesalers.

Let’s start with the basic roles applicable to fragrances and wholesalers in a typical supply chain, followed by those aspects that are relevant to our company, Papillon, suppliers of top-quality perfumes at very affordable wholesale prices.

Typical Fragrance Supply Chain Processes

  • Farmers (usually situated in Provence, France) grow, tend, and harvest fragrant flowers.
  • Fragrance oils are extracted and sold to perfume houses and their blenders.
  • Various experts, known as “noses” for their acute sense of smell, prepare new fragrance blends, as per the brand owner’s specifications. Only one specific blend will be accepted. Blenders are left with their new, similar creations, which they may sell to someone else, but only under a new name that differs from the original.
  • Once approved, the new formulation is ready to be bottled.
  • Professional perfume bottle designers create distinctive, unusual, ornate containers. After approval, the winning bottle is filled with the approved fragrance.
  • Containers are put into specially designed packaging materials.
  • Merchandise is transported and shipped overseas, if applicable.
  • If imported, duties and taxes must be paid before the products are released to wholesalers, who place orders for perfumes.
  • Wholesalers sell and supply to retailers.
  • During every phase and step, everyone who handles the products adds on a profit margin. Customers end up paying for all processes, plus the actual perfume.

Papillon’s Cost-Cutting Process

  • Papillon fragrances are acquired from the blenders who didn’t get the famous brand contract, meaning that the quality of our slightly different perfumes is just as good as that of the famous brands’ offerings, but our products are sold under different names.
  • We keep our containers and packaging plain, because our agents and their realistic customers focus on the fragrance, not its fancy bottle.
  • We omit virtually all other cost-adding steps.
  • Papillon is the wholesaler; our agents are the distributors and their customers – including you – are the customers, who only pay wholesale prices for a few steps in the supply chain.

Additionally, we maintain a successful operation; our agents earn an income, and their customers have affordable, easy access to some of the best fragrances on offer, formulated from top quality, imported perfume oils, at keen prices that don’t strain household budgets.

Make the Papillon formula work for you too. Join our team. Become an independent South African perfume wholesaler, full- or part-time – whatever suits you. After all, you’ll also become independent and in control of your own finances and future success – as a distributor of Papillon’s exquisite fragrances and fragrant lotions for ladies and gents, who appreciate and enjoy the finer things in life.



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