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Women’s Month

Why Have Women’s Month?

At Papillon, the preferred affordable perfume and natural skincare providers of many South Africans, we distribute our products through our network of independent agents, who include entrepreneurial folks of both genders, much like our unisex product ranges. However, because this month (August) is National Women’s Month, and the 9th of August is Women’s Day, we have the pleasure of focusing the content of this blog on ladies.

Women’s Month/Day isn’t only celebrated in South Africa, although both a day and month are dedicated to ladies here. August was selected in honour of the thousands of women who marched to the Union Building in Pretoria on this day in 1956, protesting peacefully against draconian pass laws of the time.

For more than 100 years, international commemorations are held at various times to pay tribute to women.

  • In the USA, Women’s Month occurs in March, but started on the 28th of February 1909.
  • Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany – the month of March since1911.
  • Russia – the last Sunday in February or early March since 1913-14.
  • United Nations – March since 1975.

Causes in which women were actively involved are many and varied, as are the reasons for having a month or day that honours their efforts. Principle issues were (and often still are) freedom and equality.


  • Freedom from oppression.
  • Political and gender-based freedom in a largely paternalistic, male-dominated system and cultures.
  • Right and freedom to vote.
  • Freedom from erstwhile pass laws.
  • Freedom to make career and social choices.
  • Live in a society that’s free of violence and abuse, particularly against women and children.


  • Equal payment and equal opportunity in the workplace.
  • Equal partnership in marriage and choice of marriage partner.
  • Fair and equal property and asset rights or division of assets in divorce proceedings.
  • The right to protest peacefully for just causes.
  • Right to receive and enjoy education.

The wonderful women in the wider world and in South Africa deserve to be honoured and celebrated for their selfless bravery and good deeds during a day and month that’s dedicated to them.

Why not treat the lady or ladies in your life with an affordable, yet premier-quality gift of fine perfume or gentle, natural skincare products by Papillon. In partnership with you, we pay tribute to the beautiful women of this country during their special month and all 11 others that make up a year in our calendar. We also strive to make our ladies financially independent, empowered and able to start their own business enterprises by becoming Papillon agents.


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