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Women’s Month

A Month in Honour of Women

Women truly deserve to be celebrated, daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, because they are our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and daughters who are soft, gentle, loving, nurturing and caring. At the same time, women also have immense inner strength, determination, and perseverance.

South Africa

August is designated as Women’s Month in South Africa. It was chosen as the commemorative month in honour of some 20 000 women who marched to the Parliament in protest against certain discriminative laws of the time. Their historical march took place on 9 August 1956. Consequently, 9 August became the official South African National Women’s Day.


In the USA, Australia and the UK, Women’s History Month is celebrated during March, which also has an International Women’s Day, this time on 8 March, when the fairer sex’s historical and contemporary roles in society are commemorated.

Recognising Some Shining Stars

Despite the important significance of such events in South Africa and elsewhere, there are numerous other ways in which South African women – our consistently shining stars – are worthy of recognition for the contributions that they make.

Papillon, suppliers of super, affordable perfumes, takes enormous pride in introducing some of the women who are dedicated to improving their own and their families’ standards of living and lifestyles by selling and distributing our fine ranges of fragrant products – especially now, during Women’s Month, their and your special celebratory month. We’ve included some of their Papillon journeys and inspirational women’s messages.

My journey with Papillon and finding financial independence changed my life! It is satisfying to be able to take care of your family, just like the Proverbs 31 woman. I have been empowered to be part of such a league of women, who change people’s lives.” – Charlotee Tapfuma

The most successful entrepreneurs I know are optimistic. It is part of our job description as women. You will be defined not just by what you achieve, but by how you survive.” – Goitsone Sibande

Do your best for a better future!” – Khathu Nengwekhulu

As a woman, you need to be true to yourself at all times. Never do things to please or destroy another person. Avoid causing another fellow woman pain. Stay true to self.” – Evelyn Galela

Being self-employed, means you have to keep praying, keep believing, keep pressing, keep going. My Papillon business is testimony to this – from zero to hero!” – Thapelo Moremi

Charlotee’s favourite perfume is Victrix, while Goitsone’s is Garden of Eden. Khathu prefers the sweet smell of Shambula, Evelyn the fresh fragrance of Summertime, while Thapelo prefers the perfume that embodies who she is, Miss Elegance.

We’re only able to include a few ladies’ inspirational messages here, but we’re absolutely delighted to have received many more. At Papillon, we’d love to have you onboard as one of our agents too to enable you to become financially independent by utilising the talents, skills and multiple abilities that you already possess, because you are courageous South African women, celebrating Women’s Month along with your fellow shining stars, your South African sisterhood.


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