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Why marketing is good for business

It’s important for any small business to get recognised and to stand out from the crowd. The question is how?

At Papillon, we help to create and support the entrepreneurs who base their business operations on selling and distributing our perfumes, fragranced lotions, and skincare products.

Marketing your business is easier than you think. There are three basic principles you should apply. Whether this is in your product or service or your own marketing material.

  • Create Value,
  • Communicate Value, and
  • Deliver Value.

Customers want to experience value. So, we have come up with five tips and tricks to get your small business on the map.

  1. Emphasise the attributes of your product. Papillon has spent years developing a unique range of perfumes that are not only unique and their fragrance options, but of superior quality. Consider the characteristics that can describe a smell as well as the emotions and feelings that they transmit.
  2. Don’t sell, educate. When you start educating your clients on your products, the focus shifts from selling to buying. Once your client understands the value that is on offer, it would be very hard for them to say no!
  3. Harness your happy client’s testimonies. Use these testimonies in WhatsApp stories and see how your sales improve!
  4. Study your market and find a way to stand out! Understand who needs and who buys your products. You would also need to understand how you’ll be able to reach them and communicate with them. Keeping an eye on your competition should not be your focus. Instead, speak to your own customers and learn from them. You need to understand why they bought from you and not someone else.
  5. Papillon offers a wealth of information on our website. From product information to tips, marketing material, blog and social media content. Make sure that you implement these tools, to help grow your business.

These are only 5 easy-to-implement tips. Visit our online portal for agents to learn more about how to market your business effectively.

Remember all registered Papillon Agents are automatically entered into our Boost Your Business competition, all you need to do is sell! The competition closes on 31 October 2022 and the winner will receive not only cash prizes, free stock, but also social marketing tools!


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