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Selling Skin Products

Want to Earn Extra Money? Then Why Not Sell Skin Products?

There has never been a better time to become a Papillon agent, start selling our affordable products, earning an extra or main income and becoming financially independent. Why now? Financially, times are tough in South Africa, so the need for Papillon’s affordable perfume and skin formulations is everywhere, just waiting for you to seize the opportunity to join Papillon and begin selling our merchandise and earning money.

It’s as easy as that. You sell and supply in your own time, in the area of your choice, to earn as much money as you require, beginning with your very first successful sale. No longer do you have to report to a boss who tells you what to do and how much sales you need to make to earn your keep. From now on it’s your choice and you get to set the rules. But why sell skincare products?

Skincare Products Today

Do you wonder what has changed so much that skincare products are now thought of as essential and not a luxury purchase in South Africa and the rest of the world? Also, why is modern beauty care formulations so high in demand?

In bygone times, people washed mainly because they were dirty, not because they were concerned about the health and appearance of their body’s largest vital organ – their skin and in particular, their facial complexion. Soap and water were good enough for a good scrub and a healthy, clean skin, but this is no longer the case, especially if you want picture-perfect skin.

Adopting New Products

Women have always been more willing to adapt to new conditions and adopt new products, like bestselling skin solutions; men at a slower pace. Even so, men are fast learning about the benefits of good skin and healthcare and the products that sell for this purpose. The metro man is just as concerned with his complexion as is his female counterpart.

Things have indeed changed – in some ways for the better and others, not so. Air and environmental pollution affect human health and the health of the planet. The skin is one of the first visible areas of the human body that exhibits the harmful effects of pollution, global warming, and damage from harsh South African sunlight.

Papillon Skin Products

Fortunately, numerous skin products are designed to cleanse, tone, moisturise, nourish, protect and treat the surface covering of the body. Papillon’s essential range is selling via you, directly to customers, the end-users, who want to care for their complexions without spending a fortune.

Big-name imported formulations are unaffordable for many. With Papillon, as a sales agent and distributor, and also as a customer, there are almost no meaningful financial barriers to earning a living and caring for your sensitive facial skin with our gentle care products, made in South Africa from top-quality ingredients, rich in natural plant extracts and suitable for most South African complexions.

Our range includes a face wash, scrub, toner, day cream, night cream, and a brightening treatment cream. Best of all, prices are kept low and affordable. The recommended selling price of Papillon’s five 15ml Pure Skin starter pack is only R150, while the same full-sized Beauty Box’s sales price is R700. As a Papillon agent, you offer your customers some of the most affordable, natural products at prices that make both of you winners.


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