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Wholesale Perfume

Wholesale-Priced Perfect Perfumes for Everyone

“Wholesale perfume”. This sounds like a dream world to many a woman, as well as the modern, metro-man, because what could be more pleasant than immersing yourself in the wonderful, wide world of fabulous fragrances? To top it all, these words correctly indicate that heavenly scents are awaiting you, at prices that are well below those that one would normally pay.

Generally speaking, the wholesale market for any types of goods is restricted to registered retailers who buy merchandise which they stock, display, promote and sell on from their premises, typically stores and shops that customers visit to make their purchases. The general public is unable to enjoy free access to the wholesale market.

Perfume Journey

Before the products reach the shelves of retailers, perfumes are subjected to a supply chain journey. During each step of the supply chain, every concern that handles the perfumes add on its own mark-up or profit margin, since this is how they derive their income. But what is the journey, you may ask…

  1. A perfume’s journey begins with raw materials or ingredients, which are blended to produce a scent that is alluring and also has an aroma that’s different from other fragrances.
  2. Next, the liquid is decanted into distinctively designed bottles that are in turn contained in branded packaging materials.
  3. To create awareness of and desire for the perfume, it must be advertised and marketed, a very costly step.
  4. In response to the anticipated customer demand for the products, wholesalers purchase from suppliers, usually in bulk. Bulk stocks are stored in wholesalers’ warehouses and storage facilities.
  5. Retailers, the last role player or step in the typical supply chain, buy from these concerns at wholesale prices. After adding on their mark-up, retailers sell to the end-users, the perfume-loving public, who pay retail prices that are usually very high.

Papillon’s Exclusive Wholesale Fragrances

 It’s important for our Papillon distributors and their customers to know a few important points about our fragrances and why they are so affordable, selling at far less than the prices charged by traditional wholesalers.

  • We omit and avoid most of the usual supply chain steps and their associated costs, without compromising on quality.
  • Our perfumes are not eau de toilettes; they are more concentrated, stronger, and longer lasting with a higher content of fragrant oils.
  • Papillon realises that it’s the contents of perfume bottles that are important to customers, so why should they have to pay for fancy packaging, expensive marketing campaigns and accumulated profit margins?
  • Most customers are aware that different scents react in a unique way with their own body’s chemistry, so no matter what advertisements tell you about a particular fragrance, you should ideally try it on your skin to test whether it works for you. Our agents select their starter kits, containing testers, accordingly.
  • Our fragrances are made of the same top-quality fragrant oils and ingredients used in the manufacture of famous brands, which is why we’re able to provide the names of the perfumes that inspired our creations, which are not copies of those products. They’re merely our inspiration, serving as guidelines for our agents and their customers.

It’s simple and very affordable to start your own independent small business with Papillon perfumes, known for wholesale pricing that puts perfect fragrances within the reach of South African ladies and gents who love the finer things in life, without paying a fortune. Contact us if you wish to become one of our distributors.


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