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Wholesale Perfume

Why and How Wholesale Perfume Prices Benefit Customers

In a basic but typical modern supply chain of consumer goods, there are numerous steps taken by various role players. It begins with the grower or producer of raw materials required for the manufacture or processing of each product. The producer sells his raw materials on to a manufacturer, who converts the basic materials into the entire product or its components.

Perfume Blending

In the case of perfumes, a sophisticated laboratory set-up next enters the picture. Here in the scent lab, various blends of essential perfume oils and additional ingredients are blended, tried, and tested to achieve the desired fragrance or aromatic notes. It’s a finely tuned, scientific process that usually costs a great deal, because the services of experts are utilised under very exacting conditions.


Following this stage, products, including perfumes, may be packaged under the manufacturer’s brand or the licensed name or well-known trademark of a larger concern. Alternatively, packaging and branding may be left up to another role player further along the supply chain. The latter packaging route is sometimes taken by select, independent perfume wholesalers, companies like South Africa’s Papillon.

Role of Wholesalers

Nonetheless, producers then sell merchandise to wholesalers. Wholesalers purchase, store, stock or warehouse the products in bulk, enabling them to fulfil orders from retailers. After adding another price mark-up, retailers sell these goods to the end-user, the consumer or customer, the person who pays for everything, including a profit margin for each party that plays a role in this typical, lengthy supply chain.

Selling To and Supplying Perfume Retailers

It stands to reason that wholesale prices are considerably lower than normal retail prices, because retail profit margins and other associated costs like transport to shops do not apply. Thus, customers pay a lot less. Famous brand and imported fragrances are expensive, since they go through the entire supply chain process, to which customs and import duties and additional taxes are also added before retailers add on a retail mark-up.

Papillon’s Affordable Price Structure

By cutting out numerous costly steps in our perfume supply process, Papillon is able and proud to provide customers who love wearing fine fragrances with very affordable, high-quality alternatives – products that are blended from the same or very similar imported fragrant oils as incorporated in big brands, but at genuine wholesale prices.

Additionally, our prices are not only a fraction of the usual retail prices but is also a fraction of typical wholesale prices that apply to imported perfumes.

Quality Fragrances

Most of our fragrances are already blended from imported botanical oils and resemble those of big brands; they are not copies but merely generic versions, inspired by well-known scents. This ensures that our products are long-lasting, full value perfumes and not just weaker eau de toilette variants. We deliberately choose smart but plain packaging for Papillon fragrances because customers are more concerned with the products, rather than expensive, elaborate packaging that’s eventually discarded.

Papillon is a perfume wholesaler, distributing our products through a network of enthusiastic independent agents, who earn a main or additional income by supplying their customers with quality fragrances at extremely affordable wholesale prices. We and our distributors achieve this because we’ve cut out all unnecessary steps, keeping our prices low.


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