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Wholesale Perfume Distributor

The Wondrous World of Wholesale Perfume Distributors

When one wholesales perfumes, it probably means that you’re a distributor, who sells larger quantities of fragrances to a retailer or sells and distributes the goods directly to the customer/end-user, in both cases, at a considerably lower price than usual.

Typically, wholesalers supply retailers in bulk (large quantities), which qualifies the retailer for a sizeable bulk discount, by charging them wholesale prices that allow retailers to add on profit margins – the higher selling prices at which customers buy.

Affordable Wholesale Prices All the Way

It’s an enormous advantage for end-users to have the ability to buy perfumes, which are usually very expensive luxury goods, at vastly reduced wholesale prices, without the precondition of purchasing bulk quantities.

Similarly, perfume distributors also enjoy advantages by selling and distributing fragrances at wholesale rates, because affordable prices enable agents to easily increase the number of customers to whom they sell. By doing so, they grow their monthly orders and their businesses, while earning more money.

Win-Win Formula

This is clearly a win-win formula for all concerned – customers, distributors, and manufacturers or suppliers. In our case, we are the suppliers, whilst our network of freelance sales agents and distributors are responsible for sales and distribution, thereby accumulating their profits. This they do by getting orders from their customers for our perfumes, placing orders with us, and distributing the products, as ordered, to their customers, who pay lower and very affordable wholesale prices.

With Christmas, school holidays, and then the start of the next year just around the corner, it’s prime time for wholesale sales, since many potential customers are expecting bonuses from their employers, and the summer festive season is premium shopping time for gifts and treats.

Papillon agents and distributors still have enough time to sell perfumes before holiday closures, enabling them to join other shoppers with extra spending money in December and enough left to pay for January commitments, such as school clothes and fees, plus stationery and books.

Important Points about Papillon

  • Our fragrances are inspired by big brand perfumes, but they’re not identical nor are they copies of the original scents. They are merely similar in their fragrance groups and olfactory notes.
  • Big brands’ names are only provided to serve as guidelines for an extensive range of scents, plus fragranced lotions, which are great for layering, and creating unique signature scents and expanding the size of customers’ orders – yet another win-win solution for users and distributors.
  • Our products are of equivalent quality as the expensive counterparts, since we use top-quality oils and compounds in our blends, which are long-lasting.
  • We offer distribution agents an additional option to maximise sales that fulfil an important and necessary role for customers – a range of effective, gentle skincare products, specially formulated for South African skin and local conditions.

Always Affordable

 As every wearer and distributor of perfumes knows, quality fragrances are notoriously expensive, and the same goes for effective skincare products. However, all our wholesale products are always affordable, only about a fifth of the price of imported brands, which is great for this and every other time of year.



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