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Generic Perfume

The Facts about Papillon’s Fine Generic Perfumes

Most people are quite familiar with generics – a term which is commonly used to describe medicines that are typically precise copies of the original formulations, but cost a great deal less. Have you ever wondered why generic medicines are sold at such low prices? Are you under the impression that they must be inferior to the original products because they’re so much more affordable?

Sole Rights

All such original products take years and an immense amount of scientific expertise, research, testing, and clinical trials before authorities approve them for human use. The products are registered and patented, so that the original manufacturer has sole rights to these products, usually for 20 years. During this period, cheaper generic copies may not be produced.

Why Generics Are Less Expensive

However, once the patent has expired, generic medications may be manufactured. Because the formulations already exist and very expensive trials and tests have already been performed by the initial manufacturer, generic copies can be made and sold for far less, but with a different name, despite having the same ingredients as expensive original medicines.

The Papillon Process

The Papillon generic perfume process is a little different, although our fragrances are described by the same term. Our process includes:

  • The big brand name fragrance house asks one or more perfume blenders or manufacturers to create a new fragrance for them, according to their broad specifications.
  • Only one manufacturer’s blend is approved, and the producer is awarded the contract to make the new perfume.
  • The duration of the contract (patent) is specified, so the blend cannot be sold under the name which the brand owner has given to it.
  • After the contract has expired, the generic perfume (equivalent) may be sold under a new name.
  • Some of Papillon’s fragrances are obtained in this way.
  • Others may be obtained from manufacturers who weren’t successful in their bid to produce the newly requested perfume blend, which is also similar to the original, but is the competitor’s version of it.
  • All fragrant botanical oils used for Papillon perfumes are imported, in some cases from the same supplier that produced the original’s branded version.
  • Our range consists of 69 scents, some for ladies, some for gents, and some which are unisex.
  • Because the range is so extensive, our distributors carry fragrance guide lists, which make it much easier for customers to test and select their fragrances.
  • The original brand names are mentioned, as an additional guideline only, not as a copy.


Affordability Factor 

Although Papillon passes on the much more affordable prices we pay for our formulations to customers, there are additional factors that enable us to sell our fragrances at a fraction of the prices of imported products We avoid advertising and marketing costs by relying on our agents and distributors, as well as the recommendations and referrals of happy Papillon fragrance wearers.

Moreover, we don’t spend unnecessary money on fancy containers. Our affordable Papillon generic perfume packaging isn’t overly elaborate, but rather smart and elegant, just like our scents and our customers, who appreciate good quality, without spending a fortune to wear their favourite fragrances every day.


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