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Want to Resell Perfume in Pretoria? Here’s How You Can Start Your Own Business

Are you struggling to find a job in Pretoria or do you need some extra money to supplement your current salary? With the end of the year approaching, most people could do with some extra income for the festive season ahead. Whether you need the money for gifts or want to be able to go away on holiday, you could make it happen by becoming a perfume reseller.

Since I started Papillon last year 2015, I managed to pay all my debt that I had with extra cash. Now I’m saving to buy myself a car. Papillon is my way to success.” – Reccah

Despite rising economic uncertainly, perfume is a big business in South Africa, so much so that by 2020, fragrances are expected to account for 33% of overall value sales in beauty and personal care. At a time where jobs are scarce and money is tight, becoming a perfume reseller could be the very thing you need to start earning a good income. Here’s how you can resell perfume in Pretoria, as well as in any other part of the country, and make loads of money from your very own home.

You Can Be Your Own Boss for a Low Start-Up Cost

To resell perfume in Pretoria, you will first need to register as a reseller with us on our website. Once complete, you will be required to purchase a tester kit, which consists of a stylish silver cosmetic case, a product info guide/fragrance list, 69 atomisers/testers (5ml, content +/- 4ml each), 50 anonymous business cards that distributors can complete and use to promote their business to ensure repeat orders, an order/receipt, one book of 100 smelling strips, and a container with coffee beans for customers to neutralise their sense of smell when testing different fragrances. Once you’ve registered and purchased your tester kit, you can start selling perfume and making loads of money.

At Papillon, we simply offer anyone who wants to earn extra money the opportunity to do just that. For a small start-up fee, you determine how much you make. Offering unlimited earnings, reselling perfume for Papillon requires no door-to-door selling, because we provide you with all the marketing material you need to get your business off the ground. If this business opportunity sounds like something you’d love to do, then chat to us today.


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