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happy valentines day

Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2020

Love is not always something which we associate with science, but 2020 is a leap year during which February consists of 29 days, instead of the usual 28. This extra day is included in the Gregorian calendar that’s used in most countries because science indicates that the earth takes slightly longer than 365 days to pass around or orbit the sun. By adding four extra quarter days together, the additional day is included in February every fourth year, making it a 366-day leap year, with an additional bonus Valentine’s Day feature for romantically minded ladies.

A relatively modern tradition has it that a woman has the opportunity to propose to a man on Valentine’s Day – without fear of criticism or disapproval because she’s the one who popped the big question, normally seen as the role of a man.

Valentine’s Special Spoils

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. It’s also a day to spoil one’s beloved with a Valentine’s card containing a message of love, a gift of red roses, champagne, chocolates, perfume, alluring lingerie for one’s lady love, and a romantic dinner for two or a picnic in a special setting. It’s the one day of the year that affords you the chance to enjoy a romantic time to make your loved one feel really special and appreciated.

A gift of perfume is an ideal spoil on any given day, be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, anniversary, special, celebratory occasion, or simply when you want to show or say “I love, value, treasure, appreciate or celebrate you for the special person that you are to me”.

The gift of perfume is perfect for a number of reasons and occasions. It’s always seen as a special gift for a special person to celebrate, create or to commemorate a special occasion in fine style. If you choose your perfume supplier wisely, you can obtain a gorgeous, fragrant gift at a very affordable price too.

A Gift that Keeps Giving

Perfume is an enduring gift that lasts much longer than a day, a week or even a month. It keeps giving each and every time it’s worn, reminding the lucky wearer that they’re really special to someone else. If the fragrance is blended from concentrated top-quality, fine imported European perfume oils, as are Papillon’s collection of 70 perfumes, its scent is also long-lasting after application. The result is a message of love and appreciation that stays with you.

So, tell that special someone you love them by spoiling them with the alluring scent of something sweet.


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