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Trials and Errors of Perfume Testers

The Importance of Perfume Testers

 There’s no bona fide perfumery that does not offer prospective clients the opportunity to try and test their wares, regardless of how many diverse fragrances they stock and sell. For each perfume that’s on offer, there’s a tester with which to omit the error of choosing an unsuitable fragrance.

A Personal Affair

How else could anyone possibly select a product that suits, complements and pleases – a perfume that reflects the individual person’s personality, sense of style and occasion? You want to buy and wear a fragrance to its best advantage, as well as making one or more perfumes your own, unique signature scent/s. Finding and buying these perfumes that make you feel really special, is a deeply personal affair and choice, usually made by trial, and sometimes accompanied by a few errors.

Perfectly Professional Perfume Presentation

As a small business owner or part time entrepreneur, a purveyor of fabulous South African perfumes, it’s just as important, probably more so, that you offer your clients the same testing services when you’re introducing your range. Your range of testers or Papillon Business in a Box sample sized perfumes should be up to date and complete whenever you’re making a presentation of which you can be proud.

Here and Now

People are far more likely to place an order “here and now” when you can provide testers, rather than return for a fragrance trial at a later stage, purely because you ran out of some of your sample testers and made the error of not having the funds available with which to replenish them.

First Impressions

Moreover, first impressions count; one only has one first opportunity to conduct a professional presentation that will be well-received, and make that favourable and lasting first impression. The converse is likewise true. An incomplete range of testers leaves the buyer with a negative opinion – one that may indicate that the distributor is less than serious about their business and its products.

Plough Back Profits into the Business

Don’t lose a sale before you’ve even introduced your goods. It’s not all doom and gloom, and nor is it costly or difficult to keep your tester range current and up to date. Make your profit work for you by ploughing a percentage back into your business.

Use the following suggestion to keep your business’s cash flow healthy:

  • On order, take a deposit from your customer. This secures the order and assists greatly with your cash flow.
  • Once you’ve paid the obligatory cost of your customer orders to Papillon, and your customer has paid his/her balance upon receipt of their order, split your profit, instead of blowing it all.
  • Keep some, or perhaps (occasionally) all profits in a separate business bank account. This enables you to replenish testers that are running a bit low, plus ensure that your testers are all up to date, complete and accounted for, ready to present professionally to your potential and existing customers.
  • When you’ve been selling perfume to your own customers for a while, you’ll be able to identify which fragrances are your top sellers. Once you’ve built up reserves in your business’s bank account, consider stocking a few of your customers’ favourite Papillon fragrances for immediate supply, a quick turnover and instant profit.

Bob’s your uncle – it’s as simple and easy as that. Typical small, independent perfume business trials, errors and terrors are banished.


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