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Top 9 Tips for Cosmetic Agents this Holiday Season

This year’s December holiday season is all but upon us. In South Africa, December is the peak, primary, and longest holiday season of the year, followed by April, and then mid-year, July. It’s during this time that many manufacturing and distribution businesses close their doors, so that their employees are able to take two, three, or more weeks’ annual leave.

The entire building and construction industry also downs tools in December, until well into the new year. South Africans head off to holiday destinations, where many will spend Christmas before returning home again. December’s holiday season is also a family festive time for all, irrespective of whether Christmas is celebrated or not, and this is when the retail industry is at its busiest.

Retailers stock up on merchandise in anticipation of the peak spending and shopping season. One sees a greater variety of goods on the shelves at this time of the year, from basic essentials to luxury items, such as cosmetics and perfumes. Sales boom and it’s a time when people spend more freely than usual, despite the cautionary messages warning consumers to avoid overspending, issued by economists and financial institutions.

Top 9 Tips for Papillon Cosmetic/Perfume Agents

 The Papillon ethos is very customer-centric and focussed on delivering top-quality products at remarkably affordable prices to our agents’ clients, while providing our cosmetic and fragrance agents with a generous profit margin from which to earn an income.

We recommend that our agents make the most of the holiday season, in order to maximise their overall sales, thereby increasing their own income, and simultaneously providing their customers with the opportunity to acquire super gifts for their loved ones at a fraction of typical holiday-season, exorbitantly priced luxury goods. Below are our top 9 tips for the holiday season:

  1. Our agents should use the holiday season’s spending patterns to their advantage – with a clear conscience; you’re not exploiting your customers. Instead, you’re helping them to stretch their budgets by spending less, without compromising on the quality of the gifts they buy from you.
  2. Many of your customers receive a bonus prior to the holiday season – a perfect time to buy cosmetics and perfumes. Likewise, they buy gifts at this time, gifts which you can supply from your extensive Papillon ranges.
  3. Perfumes are particularly popular at this time, since the holiday season is party time too.
  4. Our Papillon Starter Pack skincare trial-sized kit is an excellent, very affordable gift or stocking filler, as well as a great way to introduce these cosmetic products.
  5. Contact your customers via your WhatsApp or other broadcast group right away, reminding them that you’re taking your festive season orders now, during November.
  6. You may want to remind them how few shopping days are left until Christmas.
  7. They and you – the agent – should get holiday season orders in as soon as possible.
  8. Combining orders in one delivery is cost effective for agents, who may also qualify for our “volume discounted pricing structure”.
  9. Finally, one of the best ways to make the most of the holiday season is to take advantage of Papillon’s Christmas Price Freeze. The offer is valid from the 20th of November to the 18th of December 2017, and it will allow you to keep your costs down this festive season.

Although Papillon products have a recommended retail price, you may decide to compile your own holiday season special offers, perhaps discounts on bigger orders, or a combined gift pack consisting of a variety of products. It’s your holiday season too; have fun with your Papillon products.


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