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Three Tips to Help You Resell Perfume

Want to be the go-to person for friends, family, colleagues and those seeking out the latest and the greatest perfumes? If you love perfume and want to make extra money on the side, then why not resell perfume? Despite rising economic uncertainly, perfume is a big business in South Africa, so much so that by 2020 fragrances are expected to account for 33% of overall value sales in beauty and personal care. The reality is both women and men love perfume and whether they wear the same one every day or they wear different perfumes for different moments – perfume is a million-dollar industry that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re looking to resell perfume, here are some hot tips to get you going.

  • #1 Develop a Tempting Sales Pitch – a perfume reseller can bring about interesting and lucrative opportunities, but to build strong perfume sales figures, you need consumers who truly appreciate perfume and see it as an important part of their lives. Unfortunately, the problem with perfume is that, unlike food, you don’t need it to survive and while people regard perfume as a luxurious necessity, it’s your job to develop a tempting sales pitch showing your clients why it’s a necessity and not a luxury. 
  • #2 Educate Your Customers on their Fragrance Family – it’s no secret that we love perfume, but just like good wine, not all perfumes are easy to love. Ever wondered what attracts us to certain fragrances? It’s the packaging, the celebrity behind the brand, the marketing, and the fragrance families. A term used to denote particular groupings of scent notes – the perfume wheel is divided into fragrance families that range from Aldehyde, Chypre, Citrus, Floral, Floral-Aldehyde, Fresh, Fruity-Floral, Green, Oriental, Oriental-Floral, and Soliflore to Woody notes. Although sense of smell has a very strong emotional connection, a great way to build customer relationships for repeat business is to educate and empower customers on their own unique preferences. 
  • #3 Market Your Perfume as Gifts – considering that the number-one gift people love to give each other is perfume, a great way to build strong perfume sales is to look for opportunities to market your perfumes as gifts on special event days such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Secretary’s Day, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Whether you’re selling perfume from home, from work, from the gym or online through social media, email newsletters and alerts – there is lots of money to be made.

All adults are potential customers for perfume sales, which means your opportunities are plenty. If you’d like to resell perfume and start earning BIG, don’t delay and contact Papillon today or register by simply filling in our online application form.


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