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The Papillon Opportunity

Papillon has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and individuals across South Africa and neighbouring countries to increase their business product range and turnover or help those looking for extra income to fill their household budget shortages. We offer an exciting and profitable way to earn an extra income, supplement your existing income or product range or be your own boss by selling our range of exceptional quality perfume products.

The Papillon Business Opportunity requires no registration cost or major investment, other than purchasing a starter kit. Our Papillon Distributors buy the products at wholesale prices and sell to their customers at recommended retail prices. The difference between the price you pay and the price you sell the product at is entirely your profit. There are no sales targets, complex demotion rules, or multi-level distribution structures. We offer support and advice to start, develop and grown your sustainable Papillon business. We also value our distribution relationships and offer all distributors free marketing tools, images and guidelines to help you succeed. We do not sell directly to the public or in any retail outlets, instead, we only supply products through our distribution network.

If you’re wondering where to sign up to become a Papillon Distributor, we have an easy 3-step online process to success: All you have to do is complete our online registration form with your personal details and delivery information. Then select your tester kit online and pay for your test kit using one of our many payment options. Wait for the delivery of your tester kit and start earning an extra income immediately – It’s that simple!

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