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The Benefits of Being a Papillon Perfume Distributor

The Benefits of Being a Papillon Perfume Distributor

If asked, chances are almost assured that you won’t be able to name anyone who doesn’t like and enjoy receiving benefits. These include extremely affordable prices for comforts, treats, and spoils, as well as discounts and special offers on whatever they buy.

Likewise, these factors also make it much easier to sell and distribute products that offer these benefits – quality products like Papillon’s comprehensive range of fine perfumes. Speak to any Papillon perfume distributor, who’ll be only too happy to tell you just how much they and their families benefit from their role as a freelance sales and distribution agent for Papillon.

Brilliant Benefits

  • An easy, convenient way to supplement or earn your entire income. The choice is yours.
  • Work unrestricted in your own area, in your own time, according to your own schedule, giving yourself the freedom to choose.
  • Now that Christmas, the festive season, and New Year expenses are coming up, selling and distributing Papillon perfumes can only benefit you, your family, your purse strings, your budget, and the amount of money you have available to spend.

This is also the perfect time to spoil yourself a little (or a lot, if you like), which is made entirely possible with the great benefits of being a Papillon perfume distributor.

Our range of ladies and men’s fragrances virtually sell themselves, since they’re exceptionally affordable and made from top-quality imported perfume oils, most of which are generics of big brand products, or have been blended specially for famous brands, but have not been awarded the contracts to supply to these concerns. High-quality ingredients and long-lasting fragrances are thus assured, but we must emphasise that our products are not copies of the originals – they are only inspired by them.

Additionally, we provide distributors with selection guides for our range of perfumes to make it easier and more convenient for customers to narrow down the types of fragrances they prefer, since the range is large. We also offer a smaller collection of fragranced lotions that enable customers to layer and personalise their very own signature scents.

Our distributors are provided with sales kits, which all contain atomiser testers, the fragrance guides, and information about perfumes and their selection. Larger kits include somewhat more, since they vary in sizes and start-up costs. Just register with us online, purchase your starter kit, and you’re ready to rock and roll with Papillon, in time for Christmas cheer, New Year, and the extra costs they carry.


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