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The Advantages of Earning Extra Income the Papillon Way

How often do you find that your month lasts so much longer than your money? Does this occur every month, during certain months, or does this money shortage only really occur in December and January every year, despite your best efforts to stick to your budget and manage your money effectively?

Little Money – Lots of Month

One fact emerges clearly – money does not truly stretch (no matter how hard you try) and you cannot shrink the length of a month. Each is what it is, so if it feels as through a shortage of funds is your middle name, you need to do something about this sad situation! In a nutshell, you need to earn an extra income.

The Question is How

However, how can you do so? How do you fit a second job into your already busy schedule? Alternatively, how do you earn an income if you’ve been unable to find suitable employment (a very real, scary situation in South Africa today)? Unemployment statistics are high, while employment opportunities cannot meet the demand for jobs. So, how do you find a means with which to earn a first or extra income?

One Ideal Answer and Simple Solution

One likely answer and solution is simple and readily available for you wherever you live in South Africa. Papillon is a company which offers ranges of exceptionally affordable perfumes, fragranced lotions for layering perfumes and creating signature fragrances, and mild yet effective natural skincare products. However, Papillon is not a traditional retailer that employs sales agents and distributors to promote our product ranges.

Instead, we invite those fellow South Africans who want to earn a primary or extra income to register with us as distributors of our competitively priced merchandise. Once you’ve registered with Papillon, and chosen and paid for your starter pack, you’re ready to rock and roll by earning that all-important extra income. We also support your efforts through regular informative online communication, which you’ll find useful to make your task and route to financial freedom easier, more professional, and more effective.

Earning Potential

Your extra earning potential with Papillon is enormous, but the choice of earnings is yours. You sell to as few or many customers as you like, according to how much you wish to earn.

Earn in your own time – full time, part time, after work, or on weekends as an independent small business entrepreneur.

Our affordable products are easy to sell because of their excellent quality, comprehensive ranges, and reasonable prices in a market that is traditionally very expensive.

Don’t delay. Register with Papillon today. The sooner you begin to sell these affordable, precious products, the sooner you’ll earn an essential extra income.


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