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Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Successful South African Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves

“Sisters are doin’ it for themselves” sang that iconic soul sister, Aretha Franklin. This “feel-good” song with its strong, catchy beat was originally made popular in 1972 by the Eurythmics, with the powerful voice of Annie Lennox.

Successful Entrepreneurs

Today, many women in South Africa are also doing it for themselves – by becoming successful entrepreneurs. Best of all, you can also do it for yourself and become a successful entrepreneurial woman by selling and supplying Papillon’s top-quality perfumes, fabulous fragrance lotions, and natural skin care products – all at affordable prices.

Strong and Determined

A man may stand at the head of the family, but the woman is the heart and soul of the household and everyone in the family. South African women are strong and determined, which is a big reason why they make such excellent and successful entrepreneurs.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

At Papillon, we help to create and support the entrepreneurs who base their business operations on selling and distributing our perfumes, fragranced lotions, and skincare products. We regularly communicate with our agents to help them build and manage their businesses into successful enterprises, increase sales, and overcome challenges.


Recently, we conducted a mini-survey to find out more about these women’s beliefs, which people have influenced and inspired them on their road to success, and how selling Papillon products has helped them become successful entrepreneurs, as women. Here are some of the answers below.

  • Ayanda Dladla has never gone broke since joining Papillon.
  • Mbalenhle Tshabalala now has extra cash and control over her financial matters.
  • Jolande Venter connects with a wide variety of people and gets to know many more.
  • Mase Mlenga is unemployed, yet is now able to pay for her son’s aftercare and help her family financially.
  • Stephanie Knipe lost her job and income but says that being a Papillon agent became her lifeline, enabling her to earn an income and pay for expenses, as well as those extra things that she once couldn’t afford.
  • Nini Tsotetse was struggling financially and placed herself under debt review, but after becoming a Papillon entrepreneur, she is now able to pay back her debt faster, as well as afford a few extras.
  • Theresa Moseli is now able to pay for her children’s school fees with ease and still has enough money to spoil herself.
  • Kebafentse Phemelo is able to do business at her own pace and gets to interact and learn from all the different people she meets through being a Papillon distributor.

We have not been able to mention all our successful women and entrepreneurs, but a few things are clear – many women have their mothers, grandmothers, or aunts as role models, while others are inspired by the nation’s father, Nelson Mandela. We look forward to your success too, as a successful woman and Papillon entrepreneur.


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