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Starting a Perfume Business on a Shoestring Budget

Starting any business is usually a scary undertaking. Starting a perfume business may seem equally daunting, especially during tough economic times when unemployment is rife, and retrenchments caused by a poor economy are a daily occurrence. The cost of living seems to be increasing from one month to the next – conditions which have been prevalent in South Africa in 2017.

Christmas, the festive season, and the country’s major holiday period are around the corner. Typically, this is an expensive time of year, even more so for those who buy gifts for loved ones – something that adds to your expenses, even if you are permanently employed.

Actual Realities and Emotional Implications

Many men and women who are feeling the proverbial pinch are compelled to tighten their financial belts even further. Selling Papillon perfumes is a great way to generate additional income when you most need it, on a part- or full-time basis, in your own time – employed or otherwise.

It’s perfectly understandable that one is likely to fear that the battle is lost even before it has begun, particularly if you find yourself retrenched or among the enormous ranks of the unemployed, but a negative attitude seldom achieves anything positive. Furthermore, those who do nothing and don’t attempt anything, will end up with nothing.

Managing and Overcoming a Scary Financial Situation

However, there are several techniques and ways in which one can cope with, manage, and overcome such a scary situation.

  • Start looking for another job and take up a temporary or part-time opportunity, like Papillon perfume and skincare product distribution.
  • Take stock of your current financial situation, how long your money is likely to last, and where you can cut back on expenses. Stick to your budget!
  • Talk to people to find out about job prospects.
  • Remember that the New Year brings new beginnings and new opportunities.
  • Keep calm – there are always things for which to be thankful. Being grateful for what you do have helps to keep you grounded and positive.
  • Visualise your goals, as well as how you’ll feel when you achieve them. Repeat this mental process often; it usually works remarkably well. This is one of the best methods to transform a negative attitude and mindset into one that’s positive and capable of bringing about the desired successful outcome.

Once you’ve registered your application to become a Papillon distributor, you purchase your tester kit – Business in a Box – for a nominal fee. However, Papillon understands your challenging situation and has devised a plan that allows you to earn without spending anything while looking for a job. Contact us for more information, workable solutions, and the opportunity to keep earning and/or supplementing your income.


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