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Spring Clean Your Perfume Selection

The Importance of Spring Cleaning Your Fragrance Selection

It’s early September again. The first official day of spring – 1 September, has already come and gone. Now, we’re well into the month in which it’s traditional to spring clean. This means getting rid of dust and cobwebs, and putting away winter’s woollies, quilts, and blankets in favour of lighter, brighter summer things – from bedding to comfort foodstuffs, and clothing to your perfume selection.

Seasonal Spring Clean

Each and every September, it really is important to spring clean and update your own personal perfume selection. This does not mean that you need to throw or give away your winter fragrances. Before you know it, next year’s winter will arrive again, at which time, you can unpack and wear your favourite winter scents once again.

Celebrating Promises and Joys

In the meantime, we recommend that you consider making your spring selection from our collection of perfumes that make you feel like celebrating the promises and joys of new beginnings and the time of a brand new South African spring. Fresh green, floral, or light citrus fragrances with notes and tones of lilies of the valley, violets, subtle rose, freesia, and iris may be just the thing for you during the spring and early summer months.

Reflect the New Season

In nature, spring is a time of renewal, new life, and rebirth. Your lifestyle and perfume selection should reflect this new season, when all around you, everything is lighter, fresh, and ready for a new season of growth, budding trees, blossoms, and flowers.

Selection Guidelines

For ease of use and the convenience of our agents and their clients, our website includes three informative guidelines to help in the selection of spring perfumes after a seasonal spring clean. Our lists of Olfactory Groups, combined with our Product Range page, plus the download of our Product Notes PDF, explain all you need to know, for all seasons and scent preferences.

Our fragrances are made in South Africa, using top-quality, imported perfume oils at the maximum potential dosage of more than20%, stronger and longer lasting than typical eau de toilette formulations. Through our innovative model and network contacts in the industry, we’re able to supply fine fragrances for every season’s selection at a fraction of the price of original big brand scents.

Our fragrances are designed and made for you, so order your new spring perfumes through a Papillon agent today.


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