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Skincare Distributors

Direct Doorstep Distribution of Effective, Affordable Skincare Solutions

Today, effective skincare, achieved through the use of products that are specifically designed, manufactured, and distributed for different skin types, conditions, and age groups, is no longer a luxury. In fact, it has actually become essential because the global environment and increased pollution levels all take their toll on complexions right across the world.

Always Exposed

Facial skin is one the most sensitive parts of the human body and also its largest organ, which is most often exposed to wind, sunlight and harmful UV rays, heat, cold, dry conditions, and environmental pollution. No one is spared; everyone is exposed equally, because the entire face is left uncovered, with a few exceptions in certain cultures.

Consequently, every person’s complexion has the potential to show traces of damage and deterioration, particularly in sunny South Africa. Blemishes, dark hyperpigmentation marks, dryness, itchiness, excessive oiliness, allergic reactions, wrinkles, and premature ageing are among the first clear signs of inadequate or complete lack of appropriate skincare.

Retail Distributors

Once, South Africans were under the impression that imported goods like perfume and skincare products were automatically superior to anything made locally. Branded imported products were and are expensive and only available at retail stores, who act as local distributors – but only after adding on a very substantial profit margin, paid for by customers.

Fortunately, the picture and perceptions have changed here. “Local is lekker” and sometimes better than imports nowadays.

Direct Distribution

Papillon is a direct supply concern, known for its extensive range of quality, affordable perfumes, which are inspired by the scents of big-name, imported brands but unique too. Because we, at Papillon, recognise just how essential it is that fellow South Africans have access to effective, yet affordable skincare solutions, and our distributors require optimal opportunities to earn a good living, we’ve included solutions in our product list for healthy-looking skin.

As with our fragrance selection, we’re able to keep cost prices to our distributors low, because we eliminate all the usual costly steps wherever possible – formulation, manufacture, unnecessarily fancy packaging, shipping, handling, transport, advertising and marketing, and of course, delivery to customers – the end-users.

Instead, our distributors are also able to offer skincare products at very affordable prices, whilst making their own distribution and delivery arrangements with each one of their customers who are enabled to care for their complexions without spending a fortune.

Skincare Range

Our mild, gentle, and pure Papillon skincare range is manufactured locally, which helps us to keep costs low right from the start. Each solution is loaded with natural ingredients; nothing is tested on animals. This basic, daily routine essential range consists of five products, to which we’ve added a sixth – our marvelous Pure Skin Brightening Cream.

  • Face wash
  • Scrub
  • Toner
  • Day cream
  • Night cream

Our skincare distributors usually acquire the Papillon Starter Pack set, consisting of the above-mentioned five products in 15 ml sample sizes, which are also ideal for their customers who wish to test the entire routine range – the recommended skincare testing procedure.

A full-sized, 150 ml set – our Papillon Beauty Box – and/or individual products are also on offer, at a fraction of the costs of imported formulations.


Depending on distributors’ locations, Papillon uses FASTWAY (door-to-door) or PARGO (pickup) services to deliver parcels within 3 – 4 days of receipt of order and payment. Thereafter, our agents do what they’re good at – making their customers look and feel beautiful, with Papillon’s skincare products.


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