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Skin Pigmentation Cream by Papillon

Skin Pigmentation Cream – a Brand New Treatment by Papillon

Unsightly pigmentation marks, uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and other signs of premature ageing are the scourge and bane of many South Africans’ appearances, both male and female.

Hyperpigmentation seems to present more often (although not exclusively) in women, especially on facial skin covering areas that attract the most sunlight – the forehead, brow bone, nose, upper lip and cheekbones. Age spots are also commonly found in other parts of the body, such as the back of people’s hands.

Fortunately, our latest offering, an excellent skin pigmentation and brightening cream, now addresses these awful issues that affect so many South Africans. It’s wise to take a multifaceted approach in understanding and combating this problem with all possible means.

Sunny Days

This country is known and sought as a sunny place – the envy of many people who live in cold countries. Sunny it is, but in tandem with abundant sunshine, there’s a distinct drawback – skin damage – a dilemma for those who love outdoor activities and pursuits, like most South Africans.

Preventative Measures

Without protective clothing, a sun hat and sunglasses, regular application of sunscreen with a high UV protective factor and avoidance of exposure to sunlight during the hottest part of the day, skin damage is virtually guaranteed (not the kind of guarantee you want).

However, not all pigmentation marks are caused by the sun. Olive complexions and darker skins appear to be more prone to developing these random dark blotches than those that are fair or have a pinkish undertone.

Moreover, there’s a very strong indication that genetics play a major role in the formation of pigmentation blemishes. Ageing is a natural process; premature ageing isn’t. Dark dermal stains created by the overproduction of melanin, deep within the skin, are a visible sign of a prematurely ageing complexion.

Pigmentation Cream by Papillon

Lighten and brighten are the core functions of our latest product – our skin brightening pigmentation cream. Additionally, this expertly formulated cream moisturises deeply, while enabling the skin to retain its moisture for longer, nourish, repair, restore suppleness, and reduce dark pigmented spots and signs of ageing. Simultaneously, the luminous qualities of a healthy, more youthful, even skin tone are enhanced.

The active ingredients used by Papillon illustrate our commitment to utilising 100% pure, natural quality plant and herbal extracts. Oils of avocado, olive, sweet almond and pracaxi nut, green tea, rosemary leaf and rose flower extracts, plus aloe barbadensis leaf juice and essential oils of frankincense and myrrh provide:

• Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Naturally sourced vitamins A, B, D and E.
• Natural plant minerals and proteins, essential fatty acids, plus natural antiseptic properties.

Only one question remains to which we already know the answer. Can you afford not to make this super skin pigmentation cream by Papillon part of your daily beauty and skincare routine?


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