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Simple Steps to Secure Sales of Papillon Products

Simple Steps to Secure Sales of Papillon Products

The entire world of business and commerce revolves around sales. When you’re applying for a job, you’re selling yourself, and your set of skills and experience to an employer who has specific needs and expectations pertaining to their vacancy.

If a product is involved, the customer also has requirements that should be identified and satisfied by you and your merchandise. This may seem daunting at first, but it really isn’t, and Papillon is happy to provide you with helpful suggestions and tips.

We look forward to welcoming you to your new, independent venture – selling and distributing Papillon fragrance and skincare products. We’re confident that you’re headed for success.

Tips and Suggestions that Work 

  • Register and acquire your Papillon “Business in a Box”, and use this and other marketing aids to your advantage.
  • Ensure that you have as much product knowledge as possible. Our website, blogs and social media platforms are invaluable, and we make extensive use of Facebook, WhatsApp and emails to communicate news, special offers and information. It’s imperative that you use these inexpensive, instant marketing tools too; just ensure that your customers are also available on these platforms. 
  • Begin by approaching family, friends and acquaintances. Ask them for referrals; word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable and provide an easy, comfortable introduction.
  • Identify the needs and concerns of potential customers by asking questions and listening actively to their replies. People love to talk freely about existing products’ shortcomings and their own observations; a process that gives you the opportunity to tell them about Papillon fragrances and skincare products, and how our products can benefit them (the customer). This process indicates personal interest.
  • Make it your policy to take a deposit before you place an order with Papillon, thus avoiding late order cancellations, and ensuring that the customer remains committed to the purchase. Huge numbers of businesses cover their basic order expenses in this manner, and so too should you.
  • Don’t grant credit; it’s the quickest way to get in over your head. You’re a small business enterprise and even enormous national retailers that are extremely financially sound do not. Nor should you.
  • Never make promises you cannot keep since this is the fastest way to lose credibility and customers.
  • Establish a bi-weekly, monthly or other dates for placing your orders. This enables you to “collect” and manage as many orders as possible before placing orders with us, thus potentially reducing your delivery costs, while maximising your profit on volume order prices.
  • The profits per unit are excellent, whilst our order process is simple and straightforward (this is fully explained in our Distributor Information pages).

Our goal is your success; we’re just an electronic message away, so good luck and lots of sales to you.


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