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Selling Perfume Successfully

Selling Sensational Perfume Successfully

It’s wise to understand that you’re dealing with a very personal matter or choice when you sell perfume to women and modern metrosexual men. A “one size fits all” approach won’t work, despite the perception that great fragrances practically sell themselves.

Why Perfume Choice is Personal 

  • Everyone’s body chemistry differs from that of their counterparts. What smells great on one, may be nauseating on another, even if they’re wearing perfume from the same bottle.
  • Your fragrance accompanies you all day (or night) long, until it dissipates or you wash it off. You carry it with you, much like any of your garments or accessories, so it’s important that you experience pleasure and enjoyment from the scent you choose to wear.
  • A well-loved, favourite perfume may become your signature fragrance, one by which you and others subconsciously identify you.
  • Many perfume buyers require or appreciate the guidance of and additional information about wearing a scented substance that may suit them.
  • Discerning buyers like to test several fragrances and hence require the opportunity to try out a few options before buying anything.
  • Wearing perfume enhances one’s self confidence, a fact which makes a good, complementary choice vital.

Your (Seller’s) Role 

People have their own particular fragrance preferences. It’s an important part of the seller’s task to identify what type of perfume the buyer finds pleasing. By doing so, it’s relatively easy and straightforward to make appropriate suggestions for suitable alternatives, irrespective of whether the customer wants a new, different fragrance, or a scent that mirrors their favourite product.

For your own and your customers’ convenience, we have provided two super, helpful lists. The first lists all of our 69 perfumes, along with the branded products by which they were inspired, plus the olfactory group to which they belong, of which there are 7.

Our olfactory group inventory describes each aromatic palette – Oriental, Citrus, Leather, Chypre, Aromatic, Woody and Floral. In time, experienced perfume sellers come to know the categories and contents by heart.

However, until then, there’s no harm in consulting your lists when assisting your customer, who’ll always appreciate your time and attention in helping them.

Customers also deserve reassurance about the quality and characteristics of substances that are applied directly to their bodies. Papillon perfumes are produced locally in South Africa from the finest aromatic oils and compounds, imported from Europe.

Quality is of the utmost importance and our scents are comparable to the original’s inspirational fragrance. Our prices are a fraction of those charged by traditional retailers. Our perfumes are very affordable, yet allow a decent profit margin for the seller. Our perfumes really are easy to sell – with your personal assistance and our “Business in a Box” tester kit.


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