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Sell Skincare Products

Sell Affordable, Natural Skincare Products to Escape Financial Woes

Nowadays, people in urban areas are accustomed to using professionally produced, purpose-made skincare products to cleanse and care for their complexions. There are also umpteen retail stores that sell these goods, often at sky-high prices.

However, customers often forget why facial products are quite different from formulations that are designed to wash, clean and moisturise the rest of the body – typically soaps, shower gels and tissue oils, body creams and lotions.

The Heydays of Soap and Water

Once upon a time, the “soap and water” approach to facial skincare may have been okay and acceptable, for several reasons:

  • People didn’t know any better.
  • Scientifically proven knowledge of the human skin and its optimal care was far less advanced than it is today.
  • Few knew that facial skin is thinner and far more delicate than that on other parts of the body, and deserves more gentle, mild treatment.
  • Specific types of skincare products weren’t (widely) available, if at all.
  • With very few exceptions, the ozone layer was intact.
  • Pollution levels throughout the world were almost non-existent.
  • There was almost no necessity to protect the body’s largest vital organ, the skin, from environmental damage. Consequently, through lack of demand, scientific proof, knowledge, and necessity, few skincare products and outlets specialising and selling solutions for the complexion existed .

How Papillon Sells

Papillon’s business began as a supplier of fine, quality perfumes, but not via the usual retail route since this overhead cost would have to be passed on to the customer, greatly increasing the selling price of our fragrances.

Instead, we sell our merchandise through a countrywide network of freelance distributors and agents, who earn a healthy margin on each and every product sold. That’s where you enter the picture, in your role as an agent who sells our gorgeous goods.

Somewhat more recently, skincare solutions were added to our ranges, giving our distributors more marvellous products to sell, to generate a primary or additional income.


The idea behind our business was inspired by the fact that imported perfume and skincare brands were and are exceptionally expensive, putting them out of reach of all too many South Africans, who enjoyed using perfume and looking and feeling beautiful at affordable prices but without sacrificing quality and effectiveness.

Each one of our 70 perfumes were inspired by a big brand fragrance, but is unique, by no means a copy of the big-name blend. We only use comparisons to make the selection process simpler for customers. The range of natural skincare products which our agents sell is inspired by the enormous need for affordable skin solutions that are gentle and suitable for most South African complexions. Because this range is loaded with effective natural ingredients, it could be said that nature, in all its stunning glory, served as our inspiration to create mild formulations at very affordable prices, for far less than those imported by the customary retail beauty trade.

We’re taking a break, but will reopen on 15 January 2020, in good time to receive your online registration to sell superb Papillon skincare products (and more). It’s also your turn right now to earn more money, simply and easily, with confidence and conviction – a winning solution for all and a way to escape financial woes.


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