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Selling Sensational Perfumes Successfully

Have you ever heard very successful salespersons claim that they find selling really easy and that their products virtually sell themselves because they’re so universally popular, and thus in such high demand? Traditional retailers have been known to say that product X practically “walks off the shelves” and that they struggle to keep up with customer demand for their products.

What an enviable product and profitable situation that must be, you think, and yet these optimal circumstances are achievable. But how, one may well ask. If you’re contemplating selling perfume to earn or supplement your income, you’d want just such a product, wouldn’t you? But how do you avoid incurring unnecessary marketing costs?

Traditional Costly Factors

You’re probably aware that advertising and marketing campaigns are great and often achieve amazing results, but no credible ad agency will ever claim that their creative work can guarantee results. Moreover, traditional media advertising is expensive, so this avenue is probably not for you.

Product costs must be met, so it’s usually the customer or buyer that pays for marketing expenses, which are added on to the selling price of the item. The same holds true for fancy packaging, especially of goods such as perfumes, which are customarily packaged very elaborately.

Tips for Successful South African Perfume Sales

How can you, as a perfume salesperson, overcome and/or avoid such potential drawbacks?

• Sell an extensive range of competitively priced, yet excellent perfumes that consist of numerous fragrance types, ideally from all the olfactory groups, so that your customers have options to suit all preferences and receive value for their money.

• Contact Papillon, producers of top-quality perfumes and a brand new range of complementary fragranced lotions (to enhance perfume fragrances), register with us online, purchase our “Business in a Box” sales kit, and you’re ready to start.

• Our perfumes are made locally from the very purest imported European perfume oils, and are smartly packaged without being over the top, thus keeping these costs low and making products eminently affordable.

• Create awareness. At Papillon, we rely on people just like you to create awareness about our perfumes in order to sell them directly to your own growing network of family, friends and acquaintances. There’s no unnecessary ad spend that increases your or your customers’ costs, since customer awareness and demand is generated through you.

• Selecting and buying perfume is a very personal matter, involving personal preferences and choice. When you introduce the Papillon range to your customers, they receive personal attention, while having the opportunity to try fragrances from your “Business in a Box” samples.

• We ensure that your profit margin, based on our very reasonable recommended selling prices, is healthy. Our aim is to remain sustainable, while enabling you to generate a fair profit and income. Products may not “walk off the shelves” just yet, but who knows what may happen in the future?

Perfume – a Necessary Luxury

At Papillon, we acknowledge that perfume is not an essential to the sustenance of life, but it sure adds to one’s quality and enjoyment of life. We prefer to think of it as a necessary luxury that is nevertheless affordable, providing that you select products from a reputable supplier with a well-priced range. You and the customers to whom you sell, never have to forego one of life’s lovely luxuries – fine perfumes by Papillon.


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