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Sell Perfume (Skincare Products)

A Matter of Skilful Selling of Perfume and Skincare Products

You, like so many others in South Africa, may shy away from the idea of selling as a career or as a side-line business simply because you think that you aren’t a born salesperson. From experience, we, at Papillon, can tell you otherwise.

What Do You Consider as Selling?

It may come as a huge surprise to you, but you are, in fact, selling something every single day. Stop and pause a moment, and consider your answers to the following questions…

Did you go into a shop, with or without speaking to the assistant who sells products from behind the counter or on the sales floor? Did you have a job interview? Were you involved in a disagreement with someone, whom you were trying to convince that you were right, and they were wrong?

Guess what you were also doing? Every time, you were selling your point of view, your instruction that calls others to the action or outcome that you desire, and, in combination with this, you were actually selling yourself in the most proper or appropriate, socially acceptable way, which creates the best possible impression and the sought-after result – a successful sale.

You Already Have and Use Sales Skills

This implies that you also have the necessary skills to sell and distribute Papillon’s range of 70 quality perfumes, our fragrance lotions with which to layer and create your very own signature scent, as well as our skincare products. Our Papillon products are all perfectly priced to sell – easily and very affordably.

All You Need

All that’s required of you involves your presence, your sample-size perfume tester kit, the information we supply in our monthly articles, blogs and guide charts, plus the opportunities you create by introducing our perfumes and natural skincare solutions to your network of family, friends, acquaintances and potential customers – your buyers to whom you distribute Papillon products.

 Skincare Range

 Our business at Papillon was built on perfume. In fact, perfume remains a key aspect of our operation. Our skincare range, a later addition, consists of a collection of 5 essential formulations that care for most types of delicate facial skin. We added an effective specialised skin brightening product specifically developed and designed to even out skin tone, to our collection. It also reduces the visible appearance and intensity of age spots and hyperpigmentation blemishes.

Sales Success

There’s a great deal of freedom and felicity available to you when you decide to increase your income with Papillon. You become a sales agent in any area you choose. Working hours and time off are entirely up to you, so too is the amount of extra money you’ll earn.

There are no hard-to-reach sales targets either; you earn your built-in commission from the very first product you sell. The more you do, the more you earn. The sky is the limit with Papillon perfumes and skincare solutions. They almost sell themselves with the help of your introduction and natural sales abilities.


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