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Sell Perfume or Prestige

Sell Perfume or Prestige

How do you react when a salesperson is trying to sell perfume, a garment or any other product or service? For a moment, think about garments and fragrances, both of which are normally quite personal choices, particularly perfumes, which react and smell differently on different people, because body chemistry and body temperatures vary.

Hard-Sell or Helpful

A so-called “hard sell” approach works on some people, whilst others are put off from buying when they feel that a salesperson is trying too hard or being too pushy to make a sale by praising the person’s appearance (in the case of fashion, footwear and accessories), as well as the item. Customers, who are resistant to this selling technique may even walk away, without making a purchase.

In the case of having to sell perfume, selection is a very personal choice. In this and other instances, showing a genuine interest, asking questions, offering relevant guidance and making helpful suggestions are always the recommended, most successful approach to sell perfume.

Finding the Fundamental Allure

Additionally, the unquestionably fundamental allure of perfume lies in its blend of fragrant ingredients, which constitutes the formulation itself and its scent – beginning and end of story.

So, this begs the question, “Why pay an enormous amount of money for the container, when the fragrance, its allure, the pleasure and enjoyment it brings into your life is what you’re after?”


The owners of certain highly exclusive and very famous fragrance brands invest huge sums of money in the innovative, artistic designs of their perfume bottles, with the result that the major part of the fragrances’ exorbitantly expensive selling prices lies in the cost of these unique containers, which may be downright over-the-top. Indeed, it seems like, instead of attempting to sell perfume, they are rather selling its packaging.

A Million Dollar Sale

According to one source, a particular big brand fragrance attained a selling price of a cool one million US dollars, (nowadays, roughly 15 million Rand for South Africans) principally based on the cost of the bottle, which features more than 2 909 hand-cut precious gemstones, consisting of:

  • 2 700 white diamonds
  • 183 yellow sapphires
  • A whopping great 7,18-carat Sri Lankan Cabochon sapphire
  • One 4,03-carat pear-shaped, rose-cut diamond
  • A grand 3,07-carat oval-cut ruby
  • One 2,43-carat yellow Canary diamond
  • 4 rose-cut diamonds
  • 15 pink Australian diamonds
  • 1,6 carats of Brazilian Paraiba turquoise tourmalines

Bragging Rights or Beautiful Scent

If you were fabulously wealthy, would you spend so much on a bottle of perfume that sells for a million bucks, or does the buck stop here for you, in sunny South Africa? What do you really want? Is it a beautiful scent or prestige and bragging rights, beyond measure?

Whilst no one disputes the quality, complexity and fragrance of such a costly substance, its bejewelled container is confined to a private space, a bedroom or dressing room, where few get to see, appreciate and admire it.

Affordably in Your Hands

Papillon’s approach to sell perfume is to showcase our quality range of 69 scents, which are inspired by alternative interpretations of well-known fragrances. To keep our products remarkably affordable, in your hands and on your body, we focus on the smart simplicity and elegance of our containers and packaging, as well as the exquisite blends of imported perfume oils with which our fragrances are masterfully blended. That’s your pleasure and our priority.


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