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Presenting Our Enhanced Tester Kits.

We’re delighted to present our latest and upgraded tester kits, meticulously crafted to elevate your fragrance selection process into a more delightful and hassle-free experience. These kits empower you to guide your customers in discovering their perfect signature scent from our extensive assortment.

Our tester kits are offered in three sizes to cater to your preferences:

  • Basic Tester Kit (formerly small) – R450: This package includes a tester kit box containing 20 of our most popular perfumes in 5ml testers, smelling strips, and coffee beans to offer a comprehensive sensory journey.
  • Standard Tester Kit (formerly medium) – R600: Providing even more choices, this kit comprises a tester kit box with 40 of our top-selling perfume in 5ml testers, smelling strips, and coffee beans.
  • Premium Tester Kit (formerly large) – R900: For the ultimate exploration of fragrances, this exceptional kit features a tester kit box containing all 80 of our fragrances in 5ml testers, smelling strips, and coffee beans.

That’s not all! Upon purchasing any of our Tester kits, you have the exclusive opportunity to acquire the following stock packages at a special one-time price. While these stock packages are optional (the tester kit remains essential), they present a remarkable chance to expand your offerings and amplify your profits:

  • Famous 5 x 30ml’s for R400: Unlock a profit potential of R400.
  • Top 10 x 30ml’s for R750: Unlock a profit potential of R850.
  • Thriving 20 x 30ml’s for R1400: Unlock a profit potential of R1800.

At Papillon Perfume, we’re devoted to aiding you in discovering the fragrance that resonates with your essence. With our upgraded tester kits, uncovering your customer’s distinctive signature scent has never been as effortless or enjoyable. Join us on this aromatic expedition and let your unique essence radiate through the allure of Papillon Perfumes.


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