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Perfume suppliers

Perfect Perfume Suppliers

Are you of the opinion that it takes millions, if not billions, to become a perfume supplier? This precious, fragrant substance is generally very costly, as financially overburdened suppliers are compelled to hold substantial quantities of many different types of scents in stock, ready and waiting for customers to buy – hopefully, that is.

This may be true of traditional retailers, the customary suppliers of people’s favourite fragrances and the purveyors of new scents, as and when they enter the marketplace. However, Papillon’s products and our successful teams of perfume suppliers are debunking this impression daily, all across South Africa.

What’s the Magic Formula?

Firstly, you may well believe that the formulae for our perfumes are magical, because these aromatic products are so lovely and the fragrances last rather well. There’s no need to reapply umpteen times per day in order to retain the bouquet of the Papillon scent you happen to be wearing.

Our imported perfume oils and compounds are selected and acquired from some of the most reputable fragrance ingredient suppliers, with little regard for cost, but every emphasis on the quality of comparable scent samples. We design and blend our own formulations to make magic for customers.

While the comparison charts that our distributors use indicate the name of an international brand that is somewhat similar to each Papillon product, we do not attempt to emulate any perfume house’s merchandise. Our fragrances are as unique as are theirs; one is simply somewhat reminiscent of the other, registering comparable fragrance notes, so listed for customers’ guidance and convenience.

Pricing Equation

Our prices are also magic. We avoid the major factors that are responsible for the excessively high costs of internationally recognised brands – packaging, marketing and advertising. Our freelance distributors and customers promote our perfumes, making our prices extremely affordable, a mere fraction of those commonly charged by traditional purveyors of fragrances.

Our packaging is sleek, smart and sophisticated, without being over the top, since we recognise that the contents are the reason why our perfumes are in demand. There are no excessive frills and fancies that increase our overhead costs and ultimately, the price to the customer.

Wondrous Word of Mouth

Word-of-mouth referrals are the most effective means of advertising any product or service; referrals cost suppliers absolutely nothing. A personal recommendation is also the most trusted method of introducing one’s products to a potential customer, and our network of distributors and suppliers is only a phone call or email away.

Complementary Layering Fragrances

For quite some time, some perfume aficionados took to layering their favourite fragrance, wearing the scent plus a matching body lotion, making the aroma heavier, so that it would last longer.

Recently, we introduced a range of five ladies’ and five gents’ layering fragrances that aren’t identical to perfumes, but complement them. This process, similar to wearing two different, yet complementary scents, enables customers to create their own unique signature perfume, unlike anything else on the market. (Layering does not replace perfume, but merely adds an elusive, yet distinctive variation).

Papillon Difference

We’ve supplied you with the essence of what makes Papillon perfume so different, special and affordable. Now, it’s time for you to try our fragrances. Use the handy website distributor/supplier link and find your ultimate option.


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