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Perfume Suppliers’ Path to Prosperity

Perfume Suppliers’ Path to Prosperity

Does your month last much longer than your income? Have you ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur, an enterprising person who has decided to pick up the reins to boost your income, or earning your entire living independently, free of the usual constraints of a job in the formal employment sector? Moreover, could you see yourself as a perfume supplier, someone who distributes a comprehensive range of fine fragrances?

 If Only…

 You may have said “yes” in reply to the first two questions, and “no” to the third, but haven’t had the foggiest idea how or where to start. If only someone could point you in the right direction….

You, like many other people, might have always been under the impression that you would need a substantial amount of money to invest in your independent start-up costs, because both options sound rather expensive, certainly beyond your financial means. After all, you need to make money, and make it quickly, not spend it on a risky venture.

What If…?

 What if we told you that you have ample opportunities to earn extra money, right beside you, wherever you work, live and socialise. Unless you are a hermit, you are surrounded by potential customers, who would welcome the opportunity to purchase high-quality perfumes at extremely affordable prices, directly from locally accessible Papillon perfume suppliers – like you.

Three easy steps and two introductions are all it takes.

One, Two, Three Steps

  • Complete and submit our short, simple online perfume suppliers/distributors registration form.
  • Select your affordable starter or tester pack.
  • Purchase the chosen kit. Send us proof of payment and you’re ready to start selling shortly thereafter, upon receipt of the pack.

Two Introductions

  • Introduce yourself and your position as one of Papillon’s perfume suppliers to prospective customers, either on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting, such as a lunchtime gathering at work or a private, social Papillon perfume If you begin by selling and supplying to family members, relatives and friends, you’ll skip this personal introduction.
  • Introduce your delightfully fragrant products, contained in your starter/tester kit. Invite the customer/s to test and try. Customers will be blown away to learn just how truly affordable your ladies’ and gents’ fragrances are priced.

What’s Left to Do

There’s very little left to do to complete your supply process. Many of our existing perfume suppliers, who operate a separate business bank account, secure their customers’ orders by taking a deposit before placing their orders with us at Papillon.

There are no hard-to-meet sales targets before you start earning; you earn from your very first sale and every sale thereafter. Build your customer network, your business and your increasing income. Build your path to prosperity by becoming one of Papillon’s perfume suppliers.




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