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Perfume Suppliers En Route to Financial Freedom

Perfume Suppliers En Route to Financial Freedom

There are probably almost as many providers of perfume as there are perfumes, because anyone who hands these precious scented formulations over to another person could be classified as a supplier. Retailers of fragrances may also be described similarly; so too are the wholesalers from whom they obtain their merchandise.

Principle of Supply and Demand

The entire world of finance, commerce and industry operates by means of a supply and demand business principle. Customers, users and consumers of almost every type of transaction want something, and suppliers respond to their demands by providing it.

Distributed Directly to You

Papillon is a well-known South African perfume supplier with a proud reputation for providing our distributors and their valued customers with fine fragrances at exceptionally affordable prices. You won’t find Papillon products on the shelves in any retail outlet, but they are obtainable directly from our network of freelance sales and distribution agents, usually located in an area near you.

Papillon Perfumes Find You

One might say that the fragrance you prefer finds you, instead of you having to go out and about, travelling to a perfume stockist to look for, test and buy a new or old favourite scent.

Neither we nor our agents incur expensive advertising costs, because we all make use of email, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms to spread the word about our super products and trends in the fragrance market – just one of the reasons why we’re able to offer quality products at such low prices.

Here’s How It Works

After obtaining our fine perfume blends from the same overseas sources that produce fragrances for internationally famous big brand fragrance houses, the fragrances are bottled, named, and packaged in our own simple but smart Papillon containers, ready for distribution by our freelance agents – the friendly, helpful ladies and gents who provide you with your favourite scents.

At Papillon, we’re committed to empowering our fellow South Africans by providing them with a practical, easily implemented plan and opportunity to earn a primary and/or extra income by operating their own small, independent perfume supply businesses. Via Papillon product sales, they’re able to join the ranks of proud South African entrepreneurs, something you can do too.

Financial Freedom

Simply complete our online registration form, select your affordable starter kit, deposit the funds to purchase it, and we’ll dispatch your pack promptly. It’s that straightforward, quick and easy. You’re in business!

Off you go, equipped with your starter/tester pack, ready to rock and roll as a Papillon perfume supplier, working independently and earning money from your very first sale onwards, whenever and wherever you like, without a boss telling you what to do and when to do it. That’s personal and financial freedom.




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