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Perfume Suppliers

Beating Imported Perfume Prices

There are various steps in the provision of goods and services which are in demand by the end user or customer, who wants or needs the item or service. These steps or processes are known as the supply chain, which typically starts with the manufacturer or producer, and concludes with the distributor, followed by the customer.

Depending on the product, the supply chain may be long and complex, involving many links in the chain, in which case the product will cost the customer more. Fortunately, Papillon perfume suppliers manage to minimise the process.

Keeping Prices Lean and Keen

At Papillon, we devised our own supply chain model for producing and supplying our fine perfume and natural skincare ranges, which enables us to keep the number of processes, as well as their complexity, to a minimum – lean and keen. This is reflected in our affordable prices to our distributing agents (your perfume suppliers), and to Papillon customers.

Our Process

Papillon, a South African perfume producer and supplier, imports perfume oils from European suppliers who supply oils under specific big international brand names, to these perfume brand suppliers. We either obtain the same oils, unbranded while under contractual obligations, or as generics after expiration of contracts. Alternatively, we source our oils from competing suppliers who weren’t awarded specific contracts, but nevertheless created oils with which to obtain supplier contracts.

Our packaging and containers are kept chic, elegant, and simple – an important factor in keeping costs lean and keen. We also don’t spend millions on extensive media marketing and ad campaigns. Our successful agents and happy customers spread the word.

We’re constantly introducing new ranges – most recently, 19 beautiful, brand-new pure perfume fragrances, of which 11 are for ladies, 6 for gents, and 2 are unisex. With the addition of 5 new fragranced lotions, the perfect perfume layering partners, this range now complements our top 10 ladies’ perfumes.

Selection Guidelines and Exclusivity

Papillon has simplified the perfume selection process particularly well. As reputable perfume suppliers, we strive to provide our customers with the most effectual guidance possible to make their fragrance selection. In addition to trying out tester samples, our charts list the brands which inspired our fragrances, plus the olfactory group to which each of our perfumes belongs. Kindly note that the international brand names are only used as guidelines; our fragrances are uniquely our own and are not copies of other products.

Some of the original fragrances that inspired our new additions are not currently available elsewhere in South Africa (April 2018); one is only on offer in a specialist brand store, whilst another is unlikely to ever be made available here, and our own, totally exclusive perfume, Bakhoor, which represents the first in our Private Collection, not inspired by anything else on the market.

More will follow in the future, as one would expect from an innovative perfume supplier. Buy a 30-ml Papillon ladies’ perfume before 13 May 2018 or a gent’s fragrance between 25 May and 17 June 2018, and receive a free 5-ml size from our new range.


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