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Perfume Prices that Won’t Paralyse your Purse

When last did you look at the price of imported perfumes? “Astronomical” or “unaffordable”, some will say, especially people who haven’t bought internationally marketed, branded fragrances for a couple of years and were put off by paralysing high prices a month or so ago.

Christmas is over for another year. All around the world, shoppers and consumers are counting the costs of their overall holiday spending and gift shopping, but those who bought wisely are still smiling, especially if their welcome gift of perfume was made with the assistance of a Papillon supplier.

How Do They Do It?

This begs the question – how on earth are our perfume suppliers and distributors able to offer such a large range of superb fragrances at such astonishingly affordable prices? To top it all, these gorgeous products are blended from the finest imported European perfume oils, and yet scarcely dent the budgets of South Africans, even in tough economic times when the local currency’s exchange rate leaves much to be desired.

Business Basics

Irrespective of an organisation’s product or service, the world of business is based on exchange or trade between at least two parties, at one end a seller (manufacturer, supplier or distributor) and at the other, the buyer, who may be a middle man (traditional retailer or stockist). This principle applies to virtually everything from perfumes to Porsches, and anything in between.

The greater the number of middle men or supply chain steps between the manufacturer, supplier and end user, the higher the charge will be to customers and clients. If production and packaging takes place in another country, import duties will most probably be included in the item’s ultimate price. Factor in extensive and expensive marketing costs, and the result is inevitably a product that may break your budget.

Affordable Perfume Pampering

It’s perfectly understandable that people associate pampering with high prices and luxury lifestyles, but we, your Papillon suppliers, turn this equation right on its head – completely – but without any compromise on the quality and variety of perfumes.

In order to keep costs down, prices affordable and services personal, we rely on nationwide distributors, who consult directly with you. Word-of-mouth and recommendations take care of marketing activities. Our packaging is chic and classy, but simple, thus avoiding further unnecessary costs, since we understand that the contents of each container is more important to you than the bottle that holds it.

We omit unnecessary middle men and the costs that traditional retailers are compelled to incur. Our sales agents are your perfume advisors and suppliers, fully equipped to enable you to test and try to your heart’s content until you find fragrance combinations that become your preference and personality – your very own unique signature scent/s.

The addition of our range of fragranced lotions expands your opportunities to develop and customise a signature fragrance that’s personal and precious to you, and you alone. We never attempt to copy well-known branded perfumes. Instead, our fragrance formulations are inspired by them. Our website features a list that contains the names of our scents and those which inspired each one, making it easy and convenient for customers to have a point of reference when testing.

Give our perfumes a try; you’ve nothing to lose and lots to gain. Who knows, we may just become your preferred pampering perfume supplier.


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