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Perfume Supplier

Become a Perfume Supplier to Become Financially Independent

Many people in South Africa, who would love to wear perfume every day, might not even own a fragrance for special occasions, because they are under the mistaken impression that any and all fragrances are expensive luxury products, which only really wealthy people can afford.

Our company, Papillon, is a South African perfume supplier and we are delighted to be in a position to prove that these perceptions are not always accurate. Yes, we couldn’t agree more that most imported big brand fragrances have become exorbitantly expensive and completely unaffordable for many middle-income earners, let alone those who earn less.

The value and exchange rate of the South African currency fluctuates constantly. So, when the rand is weak, which it has been for some time, imported products cost so much more, ditto imported fragrances.

Fragrances Supplied by Papillon

It’s widely known that Papillon’s perfumes and fragrant lotions are formulated from high percentages of top quality, imported plant oils and extracts, which ensure that aromatic scents are long-lasting. The purer perfume oil a product contains, the stronger it is and the longer it will last, once applied. Eau de toilette blends are weaker; thus, they fade away sooner on the skin of the wearer.

How We Keep Prices Low

This begs the question: How does Papillon manage to keep the prices of the fragrances that they supply so incredibly affordable, despite their pure perfume content? The short and sweet answer is this: We’ve adopted an intelligent business plan, which allows us to eliminate unnecessary costs without diminishing the quality and purity of our scented products. We even have a money-back policy if customers are dissatisfied.

  • Big overseas brands request various blenders to produce a new fragrance, but only one is awarded the contract. The rest now have a fine new blend, without having a specific market for it. In many cases, this is what we acquire when we introduce a new fragrance that is inspired by a big brand name but is not a copy of it. Each is an original product, which Papillon names, packages, and supplies.
  • People buy perfumes to wear and enjoy, but don’t purchase scents because they value the containers, which are usually recycled – ideally, or thrown away when empty. Papillon’s packaging is elegant, yet free of fancy design elements that cost a lot extra and increase the selling price of the product.
  • We don’t occupy expensive retail shops or employ sales staff to promote and supply our products. Instead, we create independent entrepreneurs, who take on the role of perfume suppliers in their own areas. They earn a living or extra money, while customers benefit from the convenience and cost-saving of having a perfume supplier almost on their doorsteps.
  • Our suppliers are enabled to earn as much money as they require to use for whatever purpose they choose, without having to perform to sales targets.
  • Customers are delighted with our affordable prices, meaning that they’re able to wear a lovely fragrance each and every day, if they so wish.

At Papillon, we are always ready to welcome new independent perfume suppliers to join our team of distributors. Simply register online, select your starter pack, pay for it, and there you are, ready to run your own small perfume supply business.


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