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Perfume Distributors

Papillon Perfume Distributors’ Steps to Secure Future Financial Freedom

When someone mentions “perfume distributors”, many people will be inclined to think of the major international big brand houses and fragrance names, as marketed and advertised across most types of modern media – on small TV and big movie screens, in magazines and newspapers or on pamphlets inserted into print media publications, on billboards and outdoor signs, and also sometimes on commercial radio stations.

Influence, Awareness and Demand

Costly advertising and marketing campaigns are intended to create customer awareness and demand, whilst influencing and getting customers to buy their fragrant products from exclusive, specialised parfumerie retail counters and outlets throughout the world. (We mention “parfumerie”, the French word for “perfumery” because France is said to be the primary source of fine, internationally sought-after perfumes.) These costs are added to retail selling prices.

Beautiful Bottles of Scented Luxury

Before perfumes can be distributed and offered for sale by retailers, the products are distinctively bottled and packaged. Here again, big brands spend big bucks on fancy containers and packaging.

Fragrance bottles for big brand products are usually designed by specialised perfume bottle designers, who are undoubtedly at the top of their profession, judging by many of the breath-taking containers that have evolved from plain square or round holders of precious, luxurious scented oils.

It’s likely that they set their design fees accordingly, since many of their highly innovative and exclusive creations are literal works of art. Artworks are not cheap. That’s another substantial extra cost, for which the customer eventually pays a premium price.

Costly Distribution

Many additional factors also influence the high prices charged for famous-name imported perfumes in South Africa. These include import and customs duties, value-added sales tax (VAT), freight charges, and distribution costs incurred by retail outlets’ overhead expenses – insurance, shop rentals, security, staff salaries and local advertising and marketing initiatives.

Who pays most of these extra costs? Once again, it’s the customer, the lady or gent who loves wearing one or more fabulous fragrances.

A Novel Approach

Our novel approach at Papillon is quite different and immensely cost-saving, with the result that our perfumes and their distribution are exceptionally affordable, benefiting customers as well as our distributors. Here’s how we achieve this.

  • We keep our own costs to a minimum so that distributors and customers pay only a fraction of usual imported prices.
  • Classically elegant packaging, since fragrant contents are more important to customers than elaborate containers.
  • Our import costs are kept low because our products aren’t part of high-end, famous brand offerings.
  • Papillon perfume isn’t distributed via expensive, exclusive retail stores. Instead, our distributors are enthusiastic entrepreneurs – people like you, who earn extra money on an easily-manageable freelance basis, part- or full-time.
  • Our independent perfume distributors see to their own WhatsApp, Smartphone, Internet, and word-of-mouth affordable advertising, which best suits how, when and where they choose to sell Papillon products.
  • We eliminate unnecessary steps and costs in order to keep our prices low and affordable, without compromising on the quality of our fine fragrances, made from imported oil blends, inspired by major brands.

Why don’t you register with us to join our network of successful perfume distributors? According to our agents’ feedback, our products almost sell themselves. It’s that simple and easy to earn a primary or extra income – the Papillon way to secure future financial freedom.


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