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Perfume Distributor

Perfume Is Pure Pleasure

 If you were to ask anyone who is fond of wearing a fragrance on special occasions, they’ll tell you that wearing perfume is pure pleasure. Our awesome network of Papillon perfume distributors agree.

Then, there are other folks who would love the pleasure of wearing perfume, but are under the impression that all good fragrances are way too expensive to afford, even for special occasions, let alone daily wear. Both groups can benefit from contacting Papillon perfume distributors in their areas.

Likewise, our distributors would appreciate an introduction to any and all ladies and gents who appreciate the pure pleasure of acquiring sensational scents at prices that are truly affordable – for their own pleasure and use, and/or as gifts. As we’re all aware, December and the season of gift-giving is just around the corner.

December Approaches

Are you looking forward to December and the end of 2019 because it’s been a really tough year, financially speaking, and you’re hoping that the New Year will bring you better fortune? Alternatively, you may be dreading December, because you know from experience that much more is required of you and the money in your purse to pay for all the extra expenses that the festive season brings.

Don’t think that you’re alone in your wishes and fears. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hundreds, thousands, and probably millions of South Africans find themselves in a similar position. Most realise that they’ll need an additional source of income, but don’t know how or where to earn extra money, especially as the year is drawing to an end.

Papillon Distributors

Unfortunately, jobs don’t come looking for people; people must take action to find an opportunity to generate an income. This is precisely where Papillon enters the picture with income-earning opportunities galore, which are on offer throughout the year, even more so in the months approaching December, when most people need or wish for extra money to afford life’s treats and pleasures, as well as necessities and financial commitments.

It’s never too late to register and get on board as a perfume distributor with Papillon. However, the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll have extra money in your pocket. Just register online, select your affordable starter pack, pay for your kit, which we’ll send you thereafter, and bang – you’re in business as an independent perfume distributor – free to work as, when, and where you choose.

Tester Packs

  • Small – includes 15 top female and 5 top male atomisers/testers.
  • Medium – includes 20 top female and 10 top male testers.
  • Large – includes all 69 female and male atomisers/testers.

Join our network of independent Papillon perfume distributors now. It is always easy to sell our quality fragrances, but it’s really a breeze at this time of year, when customers want to treat themselves and their loved ones with the pure pleasure of fine perfume that’s more affordable than most other gifts and only about a fifth of the price of the big brand names that inspired them. Start earning extra money immediately, as from your very first sale, as a Papillon distributor.


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