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Perfume Distributor Incentives

Boost Your Income with Achievable Freebie Incentives

It’s a new month in a new year, a time to look forward, not back. The past is history, which cannot be altered. Today and the rest of 2017 are different matters. It’s up to every person that seeks new prospects to make the best of what lies ahead, in order to improve areas of his/her life that can do with a bit of a shake-up, finances included.

We mention finance, in particular, because December is a notoriously expensive month, while January feels alarmingly long, due to depleted resources, rising prices and an excessively long wait until pay day, or so it feels.

Too Much Month – Too Little Money

Pay day – all too many salary earners find that pay days only bring temporary relief, since regular expenses and the cost of living leaves them with little or no disposable income for the rest of the month. Salaries are often fixed, while few can rely on receiving an annual increase every year.

Create Your Own Opportunities

If you are already a Papillon perfume distributor, it’s unlikely that you’re short of the stuff that’s said to make the world go around. However, if you’ve not yet joined Papillon’s network of sales consultants/perfume distributors, it’s high time you did, because extra earnings are waiting for you in the wings – of the popular Papillon butterfly.

Qualify for Excellent Freebie Incentives

Freebies? Really? What’s the catch? There’s no catch – it really is a freebie incentive. Additionally, you have until 31 October 2017 to achieve this goal, all whilst earning extra money with every sale you make en route.

We refer to participation on our Freebies & Competitions page, which you qualify to enter, providing that you’re a registered distributor of our top-quality, exceptionally affordable range of fragrances that is a delight to sell.

Registration is simple and straightforward, easily accomplished via email. Purchase your Business in a Box sales kit, (69 sample size perfume testers, 50 anonymous business cards, fragrance list/info guide, and more), for a nominal fee of R700, and you’re ready to start your business as, when and where you like.

Our Boost Your Business Competition

The top-performing five competition entrants each earn free (freebie) stock to a specified value, which they sell on to their customers at our affordable recommended selling price, which includes a substantial profit margin on “normal” sales.

The value of the prizes ranges between R10 000 worth of freebie stock for the competition winner, and R1 000 worth of stock for the 4th runner-up. This means that winners make 100% profit on every sale up to the value of their freebie prize. Respective estimated profits equate to R21 400 and R2 100, which is reason enough for you to join the Papillon team too.


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