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Perfume Business

Owner of a Perfume Business – An Immediate Income-Generating Opportunity

What are your initial impressions when you hear that someone is involved in the perfume business? Are you impressed? What’s your perception? Do you think that they must have enough money to spend on necessities as well as whatever takes their fancy? You may be completely correct.

Alternatively, this person may be someone just like you – someone who has a formal job. But it can also be someone who is unemployed, without a steady income, or someone whose income is insufficient to meet all their essential needs and certainly cannot pay for a few extras that are just nice to have.

Because of the widespread, severe impact that COVID-19 has had/ and still has on virtually all businesses, many people are receiving a reduced income or only a partial salary, whilst others face possible retrenchment, have already lost their jobs or cannot look for employment because of lockdown restrictions. More than ever, people have to rely on their own resources, perseverance and determination to make ends meet by setting up their own income-generating endeavours. As at the time of writing this article, the COVID-19 Level 4 restrictions have been relaxed somewhat, once again allowing retailers and others to sell beauty products and perfumes.

Small Business Entrepreneurs

Papillon’s network of distributors includes people from all walks of life; women and men who are in the perfume business as entrepreneurial, independent small business operators. These folks sell fine-quality fragrances, which they supply to their delighted customers who prefer affordable Papillon perfumes.

Our Papillon website features a number of testimonials from some of our registered distribution agents who rely on the income they receive from their perfume sales to help support themselves, their families and dependants. Their success stories describe how they’ve been able to manage or overcome financial hardships and difficult economic times by boosting their earnings the Papillon way.

How to Get Your Business Started

  • Complete and submit our online Papillon registration form.
  • Select your starter kit – small, medium or large – pay the relevant amount (electronic or cash deposit) and send us proof of payment.
  • Thereafter, your starter/sample/tester kit will be sent to you (subject to COVID-19 preventative regulations at present).
  • Once you’ve received this, you’re ready to start generating an income immediately, right from the first rand of your first perfume product sale.

Helpful Hints and Tips

  • Open a separate business bank account to use only for this purpose, nothing else.
  • Start by introducing perfumes to your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. There are 69 ladies, gents and unisex fragrances in the extremely affordable Papillon range, so there’s a wide range of choices for all, plus charts with helpful information which helps customers shortlist their favourites.
  • Begin to build your database of contacts and customers; record all your orders and communications with them to enable you to build a solid business relationship with them.
  • Use remote, inexpensive electronic media platforms to communicate regularly with existing and potential customers.
  • Remember to ask customers for recommendations and referrals. People trust word-of-mouth referrals and are more likely to purchase products from a recommended source.

When, where and how hard you work is entirely up to you. Your Papillon perfume business is designed to give you the ultimate freedom to generate as much income as you wish, without anyone looking over your shoulder or dictating to you.




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