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“Perfume Agents Wanted” Means We Want You!

We want more agents to sell and distribute our ranges of fine fragrances – perfumes and fragranced lotions – as well as our collection of five effective, natural skincare products. Nonetheless, we’re still best known for our top-quality perfumes, which are really easy to sell and exceptionally affordable.

For you, this opportunity to become a perfume agent represents the simple, ideal way to earn a second income that fits in with your primary job’s schedule, and is an opportunity that very few people who require extra money will refuse nowadays.

Don’t despair or give up hope if you don’t have enough money or haven’t managed to find employment. We want Papillon agents, which means that we want you, especially now that prices and fees of most goods and services continue to increase, but earnings don’t, so joining the ranks of our freelance perfume agents just makes sound, simple sense.

Papillon Is There to Help

Our invitation for “Papillon Agents Wanted” allows you the flexibility and freedom to decide what you want to earn, where and when it suits you, without a boss looking over your shoulder to monitor your activities. Your success is our success, which is why agents are always wanted at Papillon.

Moreover, Papillon helps you to create, develop, and grow your own business (part or full time) as a means to earn a first or second income. The choice is yours and the income earning opportunities are whatever you want them to be. You decide how much time and effort you want to put in and, therefore, how much you’ll earn.

Top-Quality, Affordable, and Easy to Sell

By having no middlemen, retail overhead costs, unnecessarily fancy, expensive packaging, being an online business and utilising our agents to sell our products, we keep our prices affordable and the quality of our products excellent. Our Papillon perfume agents find the products are easy to sell because of these important price and quality factors.

Become a Papillon Distributor

Likewise, becoming an agent for Papillon is easy too, one of the easiest, fun ways to earn a second income. Make your own extra income earning plan work for you, by taking the first easy steps.

  • Register online.
  • Select your starter pack of sample perfumes.
  • Pay for the starter kit you choose. Remember, you can always build up a bigger testing kit, even if you can only afford to start with one that’s somewhat smaller in the beginning.
  • Get out there and start selling, since you’re now a registered Papillon agent – an owner of your own business and earner of the income you require.

 Essentials and Extras

 By responding to our “Agents Wanted” invitation, registering as a Papillon agent, and introducing Papillon products to friends, family, acquaintances, and ladies and gents in your area, you’ll soon earn that first or second income to make ends meet, thereby removing a burden of major stress and worry from your shoulders. If you need more information, feel free to contact us.


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