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Perfume Distributor (Getting business ready for when SA’s no longer in lockdown)

Papillon’s Perfume Distributors Overcome Financial Problems

No one likes to be subjected to the national lockdown that’s currently in force in South Africa and other countries right across the world. However, the prompt action taken by President Cyril Ramaphosa and authorities is commended by people throughout the country.

Ability to Face the Lockdown’s Impact Head-On

The lockdown’s strict measures and conditions that include social distancing are intended to save lives by curbing and preventing the spread of this serious virus. However, its negative financial and economic impact also affects everyone. Nevertheless, South Africans are known for their ability to face challenges and make a plan to minimise and overcome adversity by facing facts head-on.

Ready Yourself to Resume Perfume Distribution

Papillon’s wide networks of perfume distributors are well-placed to do just that. Even though you, as a perfume distributor, cannot call on your own network of existing and potential Papillon customers in persons while the lockdown is in place, there are other ways in which you can stay in touch and become ready for when SA’s no longer in lockdown.

Utilise Affordable Modern Online Technology

Almost the entire South African workforce is working remotely from home – if they can – for the duration of the current virus prevention period. For you, as a perfume distributor for Papillon, this is nothing new and not completely disruptive. All our distribution agents operate their small Papillon part- or full-time businesses from home, independently and in their own time.

Modern technology, most notably computers and smartphones, offer our perfume distributors exceptionally affordable means to contact and keep in touch with their customers, and that includes taking perfume orders electronically.

Positively Pleasing All Parties

On our side, orders for Papillon products can then be made ready for immediate dispatch the moment that lockdown ends, which it will. That means money in your distributor’s pocket and a happy, impressed customer, which pleases all parties.

Everyone appreciates being made to feel special, remembered and considered, especially when times are tough. Now, more than ever, we recommend that our distributors use this unusual downtime to build even better business relationships and strengthen business bonds with customers. In turn, they’ll remember and think of you first when they’re shopping for fine, affordable.

It’s straightforward, cost-effective, and very easy. Utilise WhatsApp group messaging services or your computer’s email facility to enquire about customers’ well-being, wish them well, congratulate them on births, birthdays and special occasions, update your customer and order records and most importantly, let them know that you are open for business as usual, ready to receive and process their perfume requirements.

Ready to Roll

The early bird catches the worm. Papillon perfume distributors should ensure that they continue sending us their orders, regardless of the local and international lockdown, so that we at head office, and they – out there in their chosen sales and distribution areas – are amongst the earliest birds that are ready to roll and bring in an income, as soon as the universal SA ban on freedom of movement and association in person is lifted.


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