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Perfect Perfume Sizes (Bigger Isn’t Always Better)

Perfectly Sized Perfumes

When one wants to gift a really special person with perfume, it feels good to give a whopping great big bottle of the lucky recipient’s favourite fragrance. This is often perceived as a measure of the esteem in which one holds the person.

However, depending on what perfume your recipient likes, a big bottle could cost a bomb. If the perfume in question happens to belong to one of the major international brands, you’ll need to dig deep for this gift.

When Bigger Isn’t Always Better 

Because mankind has become accustomed to modern marketing techniques that include lower pricing for bulk buying and discounts accorded to large quantities (although not always), people tend to opt for bigger sizes and greater quantities, but bigger is not always better in the case of perfume.

Too Familiar for Too Long

The wearer of that amazing, enormous gift of perfume will probably keep and use the contents of such a large container for a long time. Unfortunately, humans’ olfactory senses become accustomed to a particular smell before too long.

A fragrance that once gave so much pleasure, now smells like nothing at all; it’s simply too familiar. It’s time for a change. Hopefully, the perfume that’s put aside does not spoil. Acquiring another may be costly or unaffordable, unless you choose Papillon.

Storage and Deterioration

Unless a perfume container is properly sealed and stored correctly, the contents may deteriorate or change. Sadly, many people who have put away their best perfumes for use on high days and holidays, find that it has all evaporated or become an unrecognisable substance, smelling quite offensive because of age, leakage, temperature, bright light and other variable adverse conditions.

Change is the Key

Why? The size of the bottle is too big and the volume of the perfume is too great to be practical, especially if one likes to have a change of fragrance according to the day or time of day, one’s outfit, the occasion, one’s mood or the season. 

Optimal Size at a Perfect Price 

At Papillon, a few of our distributing agents and some of their customers who love our fragrances have enquired about the possibility of buying our perfumes in sizes larger than our 30ml containers.

However, we’ve elected to stay with this handy size, as it is big enough to last a while, but not so big that the perfume spoils because of age. It is true that twice the quantity might be even more keenly priced, but our 30ml fragrances remain within the budgets of most Papillon fans, who actually prefer to acquire two or more perfumes, avoiding that over-familiar factor, and remaining ever freshly fragranced and frankly fabulous.


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