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Papillon’s Plan for Pampering Yourself

Every woman wants, needs, and deserves to spoil and pamper herself, at least once in a while, although we can all agree that more regular pampering would be even better. It’s almost a “the more, the merrier” idea.

It’s Up to You

One can seldom count on someone else to provide on-going pampering sessions. A gift of such a perceived luxury is usually reserved for special occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, or preceding a special social do or one’s wedding, matric farewell, or similar. Anyway, significant as these occasions are, the pampering in question is occasional, not regular, so it’s up to you to see to your regular spoiling sessions.

Rising Costs

Pampering can be costly these days. It’s certainly guaranteed to cost you more in South Africa as from 1 April 2018, because the newly promulgated valued added tax rate (VAT) is increasing from its long-held level of 14% to 15% on all purchases of products and services across the board.

1% doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you remember that this new sales tax will apply to virtually every item you buy, and service (like pampering) that you purchase, the increase becomes meaningful.

The good news is that Papillon did not increase their prices and you still pay the same affordable price for your Papillon Products.

Never Fear, Papillon is Near

Never fear when Papillon is near. If there’s one thing that Papillon understands, it’s pampering. Our exclusive, affordable range of fragrance and skincare products is proof of this. Imported perfumes are virtually unaffordable nowadays. Political uncertainty, a downturn in South Africa’s economy, and unfavourable currency exchange rates are probably the biggest culprits in causing this situation, but Papillon’s operation manages to avoid most of these vagaries of the economy.

Uncompromising Quality and Efficacy

We import top-quality European perfume oils, but our production and packaging all take place locally. Likewise, our effective, natural skincare essentials are locally researched, tested, and manufactured. As a result, both our perfume and skincare ranges are exceptionally affordable, without any compromise on quality or efficacy. This means that even when your budget is tight, you will still be able to pamper yourself with our ranges at Papillon.



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