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Papillon Fragranced Lotions

Enhancing Perfume with Fragranced Lotions

As you may know, there are various types or strengths of perfume. Those that are best known include perfume, (“parfum” in French), also known as pure perfume, eau de toilette and eau de cologne.

Factors, such as individual body chemistry and its reaction to fragrances, play a role in influencing how well a perfume will last. However, there are innovative ways of maximising wear and creating a unique signature scent – simply and affordably – with fragranced lotions by Papillon.

First, though, let’s take a look at perfume concentrations. The more highly concentrated the content of aromatic compounds, the costlier the perfume will be and the more likely it is to last, although there are variable influences on the latter factor, as mentioned.

Pure Perfume

The first – perfume – is by far the strongest and generally lasts longer on the wearer than other options. Because of the high concentration (15% – 40%) of aromatics, pure perfume is expensive. Papillon perfume falls in this category.

Esprit de Parfum

The fragrance concentration of this seldom produced option is between 15% and 30%.

Eau de Parfum / Parfum de Toilette

Aromatic compounds are most often 15%, but can range between 10% and 20%.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de toilette is the mid-strength (5% – 15%) fragrance option and is very popular amongst perfume aficionados and daily users. It is sufficiently concentrated for the fragrance to last well on the average wearer for several hours. Papillon’s perfumes are slightly more concentrated than standard eau de toilettes.

Eau de Cologne

On average, the scent concentration is usually between 3% – 8%, but may be as low as 1% – 3%.  

Maximise with Papillon’s Fragranced Lotions

  • Ensure that your skin is well moisturised before applying perfume, since dry, dehydrated skin “loses” scent, while moisturised skin holds fragrance better, for longer. Our fragranced lotions are perfect for this purpose, since they contain various essential oils, such as oils of sweet almond, avocado and olive, that moisturise, while enhancing fragrance.
  • Layer your fragrance with an application of fragranced lotion in addition to your perfume, which will last longer. Formerly, layering was accomplished by strengthening the perfume’s scent with a lotion containing the same aromatic compounds. Nowadays, the lotion and the perfume don’t have to match, but can rather complement one another. Our lotions may also take on the perfume’s fragrance, depending on your body’s individual reaction.
  • Create your very own, exclusive signature scent by experimenting with layering combinations of various Papillon perfumes and fragranced lotions.
  • It’s important to note that fragranced lotions are not intended to replace perfumes, but are designed to enhance them in a mutual action and reaction that is unique to you.

Get started on your perfume adventure, explore and experiment with our range of perfumes and fragranced lotions.


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