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Painless School Fee Payments

Painless School Fee Payment Plans

The new year is indicative of many new things and good intentions. It’s also quite an expensive time of year – not quite as costly as December’s festive holiday season, but January nevertheless presents additional expenses that follow a traditionally expensive period. Of all the months in the year, January tends to feel endless, far longer than only 20 to 31 days to your next payday.

School Fees – A Fact of Life

However, until that day arrives, school fees are a fact of life, something that awaits payment at the beginning of each year, as regularly as clockwork, along with spending money on books, stationery, schoolbags or backpacks, and new uniforms – all of which are educational services and items that cost more every year. Inflation plays a role here too, ever present as it is these days.

The Painless Plan

You really need an extra source of income, particularly from a source that allows you all the flexibility you require, since you have school-going youngsters with their own busy schedules, many of which also demand additional money.

Papillon, our South African company, has the answer to your school fee dilemma, and it’s painless, without significant sacrifice. We manufacture a fine range of top-quality, yet affordable perfumes and fragrances, as well as an excellent range of essential natural face and skin-care products, also exceptionally competitively priced. By selling and supplying our products, you’ll soon accumulate more than enough money to help fund the cost of your children’s education and a whole lot more.

Instead of spending millions of rands on marketing and advertising campaigns, overly fancy packaging, retail outlet rentals, and salaries for a host of employees, Papillon utilises the services of agents who distribute our merchandise countrywide.

It’s simple, easy, and inexpensive to become a Papillon agent. For as little as R150, R350, or R700 (prices applicable to small, medium, and large starter/tester packs), you too can join the ranks of successful small business entrepreneurs who sell our products.

Once tried, Papillon products virtually sell themselves. We support our agents with regular communication via website blogs, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other mobile media, whilst we encourage our network of distributors to communicate likewise with their own customers.

Banish School Fee Blues

We suggest that you start your part- or full-time Papillon business and school fee payment fund right now, early in the year. By the time the customarily lean month of January arrives again, your school fee blues should be but a distant memory, one which you need never repeat.


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